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Dad-Stage IV

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Hello everybody. I hope this e-mail finds everyone well. It's been a while since I posted. My dad was diagnosed at the end of June with stage IV colon cancer with peritoneal seeding. Nothing to the liver or lungs. He is scheduled to have a port placed tomorrow under his collarbone for the chemo. Regimen will be 5Fu, Leucovorin, Oxiplatin and Avastin 2 days every 2 weeks for 6 months. After 6 months if he still has a clean scan of the liver and lungs Sloan Kettering will reverse his colostomy and take a look at the seeding in his peritoneal. If they see anything at that time they will do cytoreduction to remove what they can and follow-up with intraperitoneal chemo and then another 6 months of the original chemo regimen.

I have been doing alot of research on vitamins, supplements, herbs, etc. I believe that Doctors should be advocating building up the immune system and protecting the organs from the damage of chemo knowing that a suppressed immune system causes many of the opportunistic infections and organ failures that can follow chemotherapy. There are many vitamins, supplement, etc. that can do that. We have 2 doctors advocating their use and 1 doctor who will only advocate Maitake D-Fraction (which by the way appears to be a very good product.) Building the immune system seems like a logical approach to me knowing that chemo is going to seriously damage it. I would love to hear from anyone who could offer advice on natural ways of treating cancer.

We have also seen a naturopathic MD who is recommending injections of Iscador (mistletoe) to enhance the immune system, increase the level of white blood cells and protect the liver. It is not approved in the US as of right now but from what I have been reading they have had good results with it in Germany, Austria and Switzerland and it is believed that it will gain US approval in the next few years. Has anyone heard of this treatment or used it ? Can anyone share with me their thoughts on my father's chemo regimen or experience with a port ?

My father's attitude is great right now. He feels good and doesn't look at all sick. I'm afraid of that changing once the treatment begins. He is confident that he is going to beat the odds and prove to be a "medical miracle" and I have to say there hasn't been a moment that I felt anything different. I truly belive that with the correct 2 prong approach (conventional and alternative), even stage IV cancer can be beaten. Any advice or thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks So Much,

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Hi Deneen,

Sorry to hear that your father has been diagnosed but you have most definitely come to the right place for advice and support.

I was diagnosed with Stage III colon cancer in May 2004 and am now half way through my chemo which is exactly as your father's will be except for the Avastin.

As for the port, I too have one and it hasnt given me any trouble other than I have lost about 15 lbs. since chemo started (and I was slim to begin with) so I feel it every once in a while. Normally tho, people hardly notice the port from what I understand.

As for the supplements - I too am very much into doing anything and everything I can to assure that this never happens again - I eat mostly whole foods, no sugar or white flour products, lots of fruits and veggies, no meat, fish mainly and chicken rarely. I spoke to my onc about supplements (Vit. C and E, etc.) and he advised that some of the antioxident supplements can interfer with the chemo. Therefore, I have decided to wait until my chemo ends in Nov. to begin a supplement regime. I do take a multi, B12 and calcium everyday tho.

Cancer most definitely can be beaten - many on this board of living proof of that. I firmly believe that I have already beaten mine and am simply cleaning up any straggler cells. Your father's attitude is wonderful and that is so important. A positive attitude, I believe, is CRUCIAL in this type of situation and he seems to have that.

I hope this helps and my thoughts and positive vibes are with you,


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I almost forgot one of the most important things I do - I juice. I learned of its importance by am amazing member of this forum who I am confident will also post. Invest in a good juicer and a book (Juicing for Life, Cherie Calbom, is one I own). Other books I recommend, "Beating Cancer with Nutrition" by Patrick Quillin is my bible, also Superfoods by Steven Pratt.

Juicing carrots, spinach, with a bit of ginger and an orange is what I do daily and it makes me feel great and also makes me believe, as do all of the nutritional things I do, that I have some semblance of control over my outcome - very important to those of us going through this and feel like we have no control.

I hope this helps.


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Thank You. I did buy a juicer and I have been encouraging my father to use it several times a day. He's being a little stubborn but I'm in the final stages of building a home right next to his so I'll make sure he's using it then. I have read the book by Patrick Quillen and found it enormously helpful. There is another book that I have just finished which was even more helpful because it was more reader friendly. I don't have it with me at work but I will post it later. I have probably read at least 30 books on the subject and found those 2 to be the most helpful.

I've become a bit overwhelmed by all of the information regarding vitamins, supplements, etc. Lots of controversy over whether certain things help or hinder chemo, lots of opinions on dosage levels for everything. I'm trying to focus right now on the things that will best strengthen his immune system.

Thanks So Much,

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Hey there Deneen,

My dad was diagnosed a month ago with stage IV and mets to the lungs, he had his port put in on Monday and starts his first Chemo treatment on Thursday and I'm feeling very nervous about it. I know exactly how you feel because my dad doesnt look sick yet either and I'm scared about seeing him like that. Thats great that your dad has such a positive attitude as well, just encourage him and keep him feeling good about himself - thats what i try to do with my dad. Its good to hear from people who understand what your going through isn't it! Well keep us updated.

Sending happy thoughts your way

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Hi Deneen,

Your father is blessed to have such a wonderful advocate and daughter. I hope that his chemo goes well. I just completed the same regimen as your father's, except I didn't take the Avastin.

I did very well throughout chemo, but did have to have a couple of cycles delayed due to low white blood counts.

Keep us posted on your dad's progress.

Hugs to you both,


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My father is in a similar situation but with metasteses in the liver and possibly lungs (scans are inconclusive). He's on a regimen of Avastin, 5fu and oxaliplatin as has responded well. Like your father, he doesn't appear ill and feels he will beat it. However the medical consensus puts an expectancy of upto 2/3 years max.

In addition to the coventional chemo I have my father on supplementary nutritions/vitamins incl basic mutivitamins, selenium, lycopene, flavinoids, msm, ip6, essiac tea etc (though haven't boiled this up yet).

Since diagnosis I've been trying to get my father to use iscador. I know 2 people personally who seem to have ericated their cancer (from worse positions than both our fathers) and they attribute it to iscador/mistletoe. One person used it in conjection with conventional chemo (similar regimen to my dad) and has gone 2/3 years cancer free so far. Another reacted so badly to the conventional chemo that it couldn't be a treatment option and relied solely on mistletoe. It cleared the liver of metasteses. She is 18months clean post colon resection.

My father and I went to see a mistletoe practitioner yesterday and I've finally convinced him to start taking it (he's been put off by the medical establishment until now). Our initial concerns are whether their is any conflict between avastin and iscador. I'd love to hear how you are getting on and whether you've started using iscador whilst on avastin. I know your message is some months old but I hope things are going well with you and any news you could share would be fantastic.

Best regards

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Hi Janger,

Your message was a few years ago now - hopefully you still check CNS..? Anyways I thought i would write you a message just in case.

I'd love to know how your father got on with the mistletoe therapy? The stories about the two people you know who have used it and have ericated their cancer are very inspiring!! I would love to use it on my husband (stage 4 stomach cancer) but our oncolgist has recommended waiting until after chemo - last round this month. Was stomach cancer one of the types of cancer for the two people you knew to have benefited from mistletoe?


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