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Hi, everybody -

Greetings from Mississippi. Stacy told me to post again. Sorry I haven't been here in a while, been dealing with something of a peronal crisis (not cancer-related, relationship-related [is "relationship-related" a retetitive redundancy?]) Anyway, it is yet to be resolved (in my opinion, the answer is clear, but she's "dazed and confused"), but I figured I'd use some of my nervous energy/insomnia time to get back to what is important (and people who are loyal and true... sorry, do I sound bitter?... anyway...)

Anyway, reat to read all the postings. Good to hear folks are doing well. I notice some missing names from the first few pages (I can't possibly read 2,000+ strings and get completely caught-up!)... So what's up with everybody?

Cheers, health, peace and happiness to all

(and God bless us all every one, Mr. Scrooge)

- SpongeBob

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WELL!!!! I was beginning to wonder. About the time I start posting you disappear! After I got used to your wonderful humor!!!! I am sorry to hear about your relationship "stuff" but knowing what you have gone through with cancer, you will get through it. Maybe, she is afraid of the cancer.....who knows but it bothers me that your heart is hurting big guy. You mean so much to us out here. Please know that we are with you!!!!

Lisa P.

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Ahoy, Bob,
We semi-colons have surely missed you. There is lots to catch up on, but hang in there. I have finished chemo, July 9....surprised you didn't hear the cheers in ole Miss. About 10 days ago I had my very enlarged throid removed. Luckily, the "unusual node" they found turned up negative in a frozen section biopsy.
I hope I'm done losing body parts for now. Off to the Maine woods for a vacation....lake, loons, lager...can't wait.
Keep in touch, hope your lady comes to her senses. Judy

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It's about time you get your sorry butt in here!!!

Stacy beat me to the punch. I was just about to email you tonight (I was reviewing my emails from people who I have not seen in a coons age) and came on here and saw your post!!!

I am SOOOOO happy to see your face again in this room! We have missed the big kahuna around here. We have needed a little levity.

I, for one, have been insanely busy all summer with the graduation of my oldest, our missionary training school, a vacation to South Carolina (gotta love the beach), and all the packing and moving that has robbed me of a good part of these latter summer days.I will be happy to get settled in my log cabin tucked in the North country.

I am in the process of recruiting members for my juicing society to equal those in the smoothie society. It is growing daily you will be happy to know SB. When will you join us, eh??

Your presence has definitely been missed mucho and you waltzing in here has brought a breath of fresh air! :-)

Glad you came to visit and I hope you'll stick around.

peace, emily who is now very curious to hear the scoop on your "peronal" crisis

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You know what I think already!

Bah Humbug...(just kidding of course, you know me!)

Stacy ;~}

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Ahoy Bob--hey buddy--can 'ol kanga "lend" yu Jen's shoulder for a minute or two? Sounds like a bit of local trauma that needs a bit of TLC mate? Hope all turns out ok Bob. Anyway, bout time yu came back--what with kanga bein awol for a time lickin his own wounds tha humour here has certainly been depleted buddy---errrrrr--except for Emily throwin carrots across tha briny to me(hey Em--ain't salt bad for me??) lol
Bob-kangas gunna send ya a rainbow 'cos among other things there is a little luv at tha end of it---oh--n Jen has thrown in a kiss for good measure.
b well--b safe --from a landlubber mate
kanga n Jen

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Hello Bob! So good to hear from you again. You certainly brought some of the "old timers" out again. It was good to see everyone responding to your post. Kind of like a family reunion.

Hope you are doing ok. Sorry about the "relationship-related" stuff, I certainly can relate to those matters. (is that a double redundancy?) Anyway, hang in there.

I finished my round with skin cancer. Everything came out great, just got left with a couple of battle scars to add to the other big one on the tummy. But so far, my tests are all clear!

Hey everyone, we need to get back in the mode of planning our get together again. Our Las Vegas trip fizzled, what with summer vacations, etc.

Take care Bob. So good to hear from you.


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hello there. glad you are back. i could use a little humor about now and you sound like you could use some too. hope things work out for you just the way they should in your best interest. anyway in the meantime take care. you can always come to the chat room someone on there always has a sense of humor. in the meantime enjoy the gift of each new day.


Anonymous user (not verified)

Ahoy Sponger...I thought they cast you adrift on some island somewhere...just you, a couple of hula girls, and a bottle of rum. Heck, if I were a guy I wouldn't come back either.

So glad to hear from you. Things are going pretty well for me, no-type, and mom. Bert's done with chemo and remains NED...mom is continuing to respond to clinical trial chemo....so what more can I ask for. There's been ups and downs (so, what else is new) but all in all, hanging in there.

Again, so glad to hear from you and welcome back.

Monika & Bert

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