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AWOL--"got a note"

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Sorry guys--bin offline for a time.Got a bit of bad news--well--put it this way--it's kind of botherin me.
I had a lot of pain under my right ribs and was thinkin that it might be to do with my stomach muscles still healing(surgery was 12 months ago)
I had been shifting quite a bit of material here in the garden to make a rockery for Jen--so the pain I put down to "overdoin things"
'Ol kanga likes to keep active.
The pain then got worse and spread to across my abdomen below the chest and then I got pain in the left chest/shoulders/back/left arm.In fact the left arm became useless.It got to the stage that any physical effort made the pain worse and if I bent over I got a tad dizzy.
So--much to my disgust, off to tha doc's.
They did bloods/ ecg and checked the rest of me out.
I go in monday week for a heart stress test--that means a treadmill jogging test under load, then a further ecg.
At the moment my blood pressure is high and am on blood thinners and other crazy stuff as well as have been given a spray pack to spray under the tongue when the pain hits.
Have now been told to "take it easy---no physical activities"------grrrrrrrrrrrrr
So, the concensus by my doc. is that there may be a heart problem, although continued after effects from the chemo are giving me a hard time.
grrrrrrrrr--"if it don't rain!!!"
I have been a bit slack the past week or so not getting here as am getting pretty tired of all tha tests/travellin etc.(I travel 200 klms round trip each test)
Course this has not helped Jen any as it will all be more pressure on her--geez--she is such a sweetie to me.
Luv yah guys--be well--be safe
oh!!!---and keep tha faith!
kanga n Jen

Anonymous user (not verified)

Oh Kanga, come on now, don't you be going off and doing something foolish like developing a heart problem after all you have already been through. That's not the way it's suppose to be. It's time for good things and celebration and getting on with living your life. Hang tough, dear Kanga. I am with you...too much activity maybe too soon but am so glad you did go to the docs to have it checked out (grrrrrrr). Better safe than sorry.

Bert and I will keep the faith for you and send a lot of extra prayers your way that this is nothing....you hear, absolutely nothing.

Please keep us posted.

Hugs from Bert & Monika (yes, Bert too!!!!)

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So sorry for your added stress. I hope the stress test is negative. Even if it isn't... medicine has come a long way in the cardiac dept. too. Stick the nitro under the tongue if you get any pain, and take it easy for a bit.

You are a tough guy that will beat this. Stay strong and keep us posted. You can still work in the garden, just don't do the heavy stuff right now.

I was wondering about you and hoping you were off somewhere enjoying yourself.
Thinking of you, jana

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I will pray that you hear only good news Keep your chin up.

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Kanga and Jen,

I have missed your posts and been wondering what was going on. I was sure hoping it was good stuff - but.........sounds like you are still living life on the edge. Remember, we must take charge of our health - no one else will. I preach that to everyone since the docs I first saw let me down so badly - but regardless of the best docs, we must be in charge of our health. Please take care my friend, you have become very important in my life as well as others here at this site and we want you well and active again. Don't go letting this heart thing go untended.

I might just have to come down there and make sure your are behaving yourself.

Please, my dear friend, take care. I am wishing you and Jen the very best. You know you are always in my prayers.


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Hi Kanga and Jen,
Boy, this stinks!! But after knocking down the Cancer dragon, a little misfiring of the ticker should be a piece of cake to control!!! So...no more lifting rocks, just smell the roses.
Good luck to you with the stress test; we'll all be waiting for the results with you. Hugs to both you and Jen ((((((((;)))))))). Judy

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Dearest kanga and jen,

So sorry to hear the health battle continues. What a royal drag!! @#$%*&!!!!

So when are you going to start juicing and getting those live enzymes??and put those green powders in too! Are you taking probiotics? Chemo wrecks havoc on your system so it is imperative to get it back in balance. Are you taking coQ10? That is good for your heart.

I'm gonna nag you.....just ask nanuk. He's juicing every day now . I care about my semi-colon guys and want to see you all in optimum health.

Friday was my three year anniversary! THREE YEARS!! WOOHOO!!

get those carrots and start juicing!

peace, emily who honestly does NOT get any monetary benefits from any juicer, nutritional, supplemental, herbal, companies recommended....just a disclaimer since someone seems to think I am marketing a product on here.....sheesh. I just want you all to live healthy long lives!

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Dear Kanga,

We all know that you have a heart bigger than Texas, so maybe just a little part of it needs a little extra TLC!

You and Jen will be in my prayers and hopefully, the stress test will show no need for any extra STRESS! (They sure named that test correctly, didn't they?)

Please let us know how you are doing and remember that you and Jen are loved.



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hey kanga. sorry to hear you have another hurdle to jump but being that you r kanga you can do this. you sd well if it dont rain well kanga just remember the sun always comes out again. you and jen seem to have such a solid relationship and i beleive that is half the battle to get through anything. i will be praying for you that it may be nothing that maybe diet and excercise cant help. take care kanga i will wait to hear how the test goes. take care and jen too.


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(((((((((kanga and Jen)))))))))
Oh how I hate to hear this. I know you actually cried tears when I was going through my struggle. Now it's my turn. Why, oh why, do we have to go through one thing after another. I will pray extra hard for you and Jen that it is nothing more than stress. Please let us know as soon as possible. We all love you. You are the true sweetheart of the group as far as I'm concerned. Jen must be very proud of you.
Love and prayers, Judy(grandma047)

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hope things get better for you.. sending up a prayer just for you... peace.. ramona

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Aw guys--yu are all so kind.For the past 12 months I have been looking forward to doin all tha things I really miss--I was just so active before all this.
I still ride my motorbike but take it pretty easy--it is the outdoor garden stuff that really needs my attention and now the doc. has put me on "light duties" 'til the results come thru--grrrrr---but rest assured Jen is ready to kick my butt for yu all if I get into mischief--lol
I once used to do 60 - 70 ks on my pushbike a week!!!(think I am now gunna join tha juicin club Emily!!!!!)
Hey==if they wanna do another surgery on me maybe they can cut me crosswise--then I can get Jen to play noughts n crosses on me chest--he he.
I am really, really hoping all this is due to tha chemo---will sure let yu all in on tha results when I know 'em.
Hey Bert?--wanna join me in one humongous huggie???????
Ross(((((((((((Monika, Jana, Maureen, Kerry, Judy, Emily, Kay, Nettie, Judy-047, Ramona))))))))

For yu ((((((((((Bert))))))))----from Jen

luv yu all with all our hearts-----kanga n Jen

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WOOHOO!! Welcome to the ranks my friend!

May I suggest a Champion Juicer? I would not waste my money on a department store juicer. They just don't have the power nor will give you the output per carrot than a Champion will. It's a heavy duty one for an important job.

tell me when you turn a lovely shade of orange!

peace, emily who has a big smile on her face!! :-)

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Hi Emily,

I just want to give you a big 'thumbs up' on your suggestions. Our Oncologist (my husband's but I feel like it's 'our') is a rather open minded fellow and he gave us a 'thumbs up' on juicing and probiotics, remarking that it would fight the cancer (we're also doing green drinks and chlorella). We also saw a dietician that our oncologist referred us to and she also was impressed with the use of the probiotics/green drinks and juicing. She remarked that all that was packed with nutrients and would support his immune system. He gave us a handout that had a chart in it showing therapies that the medical profession admitted 'could possibly help'. Juicing was among them as was vegetarianism (organic).
Thanks for the inspiration emily!
Kangatoo.... good luck and good healing to you....sending positive thoughts your way.


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You better listen to Emily. Take your coQ10. Great for the heart. Hope everything turns out well on your stress test. Hubby and I praying for ya!

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