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ct. scan results

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i would like to express my sincere thanks to all who replied to my post last week about my cancer coming back.thanks for each and every prayer.my results are in and i'm sorry to say that cancer has spread to lymph nodes in my lower back and a few on one of my kidney's.i am so devastated and cannot even think straight.i have to start chemo again using 5fu and oxilliplatin(probably didn't spell that right).it's going to be a 48hr drip with the oxy every other week.i might also get avastin if the tumor in my colon shrinks.my oncologist told me that they can't do surgery so it has to be chemo.i know that there are people who face a worse situation than myself, but i'm so scared because the oncologist said he couldn't cure me but that they could treat me.please offer me words of wisdom and hope.god bless everyone on this board and all cancer survivors and their caregivers.

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Hi Lawleete, I am so sorry about your results! It is a tough place to re-group from. I just wanted to mention to you that my medical oncologists also told me that I am not a candidate for surgery ( I too have lymphnode involvement) but my surgeon feels otherwise and if the cancer remains stable he will operate in three months. I have an enlarged lymphnode on my aorta and did have one somewhere on my vena cava. He is an aggressive surgeon and lots would not even attempt it. I guess what I am saying is maybe there is a surgical option for you as well, also I hear some pretty great things about Avastin. Being Canadian that is not an option up here, but some I am told have extremely good responses. I know it is so hard but you have come a long way. I will be thinking about you and pulling for you.
Take are,

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I am very sorry to hear of your test results. I have colon cancer. I also have 3 lymph nodes that are still in me and are infected. I've been going through chemo, Lucavorin, 5-FU, Oxilaplatin, for six months now. 2 out of the three nodes have shrunk. There is one that is intertwined around an artery that is giving me problems. I have terrible back pain. Not sure if that is causing it. So my doctors are going to start another regime for me. Not looking forward to it but I'll face it.

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Hi Lawleete,

I think that by your physician saying that he can treat you, but not cure you still is promising. Treating cancer in order to keep it at bay can add many rewarding years for you. What is your current state as far as mobility? Are you bed-ridden? Other than how the diagnosis makes you feel, how are you? Are you in pain, or feeling "normal" but told that you have this disease without any blatant side effects? Try to take each day as it comes. There are SO many new treatments, and I'm hoping Emily will chime in here (2bhealed is her CSN "name") and offer you some nutritional benefits which may offer some relief.

As you know, we all are praying and hoping for a stop to this disease, we all just have different levels of how we are affected. And as you also know, we will all keep you in our thoughts for a good outcome, and positive response to treatment.

Ok, now here is the cheerleader speech...

You have come a VERY long way. Remember when you were first diagnosed? Were you devastated? Did you immediately think the worst, hope for the best, and then get a fairly good outcome? And kidneys...why do you think we have two? You can get transplants, and some people can get by on just one! This is just a minor "speed bump" on the highway of life. YOU are BRAVE. YOU are STRONG. YOU have ACHIEVED SO MUCH! Your work here is not done, and this series of "tests" that you have gone through just proves how incredibly terrific you are! Now, go out and win one for the Gipper!

All my best wishes,


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I too am so sorry. I totally agree with stacy - some words to help you deal with the here and now.. and then the cheer rally.

This is just another bump (a fairly big one). AND the onc said there is no cure - but there is always research and new drugs. Oxaliplatin and avastin are both new, others are brewing.

Keep your strength, physical and emotional. Go to someone to help... a therapist perhaps. Live your life, everyday to the fullest!!

I am stage 4. Everyday for me is another one to treasure. A friend asked me yesterday how I keep a good outlook. I told her I have so much life left and I simply want to live it. Don't loose the here and now.

You have admitted your fear, wonderful step... beyond the denial. Take it all day be day and try to remember all the wonderful things that occur in all good days.

You are in our thoughts and prayers. Let us know how you are doing.

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I want to add a tip. A great book called, Kitchen Table Wisdom by Rachel Naomi Remen (I think that is how she spells her name). The book is great. It is a compilation of short stories about herself and people she has treated. She is a pediatrician who then became a therapist. Wonderful stories.

Try it. The stories are short - makes for an easy read.

Best to you. jana

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Hi, I'm new here,but, I know the feeling. Ive been fighting since 1999. First on operation then Radiation/Chemo. Then 15 months clear. Then biopsy showed malignancy. Doctor suggested operation with radiation. MSKCC in New York did all the tests MRI,CT and PET Scans. After all this they operated,but, were unable to do anything about the problem. We were devastated! They suggested Chemo for the rest of my life. I heard about Pin Point radiation and had 6 non-invasive treatments with no side effects. I then had 29 months of remission when another biopsy showed my cancer had returned. I went to a doctor to see about Radio Frequency Ablation. Had CT/PET scan. They couldn't find the tumor, so they were unable to do the RFA. I'm now on FOLFOX4 (FU5,Leucavorin and Oxiaplatin) I've had 3 treatments with very little side effects. In another 3 months I'll have more tests.
What I'm trying to say is keep the faith! New things are coming all the time. I plan on living for quite a while. I'm 73!
Our prayers are with all the survivors and care givers.

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Hiya Lawleete,
Please know that you are in our prayers as are all cancer sufferers.Think of back not so many years ago when cancer was thought of as a death sentence--NOT SO ANYMORE!!
The advancements in treatments are just so quick these days that we must all keep up the faith.
I have a mate here in OZ that thought his life was over when dx'd with colon cancer (low down in his rectum)He had surgery with a colostomy.
THAT WAS 18 YEARS AGO!!!He still lives and leads a reasonably normal life even after a few setbacks.
Hang in there--lotsa luv from kanga n Jen.

Anonymous user (not verified)

Others have already expressed it so well that there is not a heck of a whole lot that I can add except to concur with each and every one of them and ask you please to hang in there.

My husband's oncologist treats several stage iv patients who are going on 8, 9 and even 10 years of dealing with this disease. I strongly believe that medical science and the grace of God will bring about not necessarily the cure that we all so desperate want and seek, but management of this disease as a chronic illness, reduced to no longer being life threatening. The day is coming so you stand tough, like you already have been. You have a lot of living left to do.

Monika & Bert

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Joined: Dec 2003

I'm sorry about the results. Wishing you all the strength you need to deal with the times ahead. My sister in law is in her third year of treatment for bone mets from breast cancer, and is responding well to her new chemo...she feels that someone has to beat the odds, might as well be her!
You are in my prayers, Judy

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Joined: Aug 2004

Hi Lawlette. Unfortunate news. I am sorry. What wonderful advice you have gotten here. So much hope, and with good reason. I am new and recently diagnosed. This is all so surreal to me right now.

Try to keep a positive outlook. It is such a powerful emotion. Laugh. Rent a funny movie. Read a good book. Sounds simple, but laughing is a so healing.

My prayers and thoughts are, and continue to be with you.


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Please know, Lawleete, that Semicolons all around the world are praying and cheering for you. I just finished oxaliplatin and the 48 hour infusion that you will be taking. I tolerated it pretty well and pray that you will also.

Please keep us posted and know that we are all here for you.



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I am so sorry about your news and agree with everyone that you must keep fighting. I had my cancer first ooccur in July 2003. Had colon resection then. No furter treatment. It then recurred in Jan, 2004. I went through radiation and chemo and then had surgery and a permanent colostomy. Many complications. I was in the hospital 2 1/2 months. Total of 30 pints of blood transfused. But I kept fighting. I wanted to live. And although I have a long way to go, I enjoy each and every day and look forward to new developements and feeling better and you will too. Just keep a positive attitude. I will be praying for you.
Love and prayers, Judy(grandma047)

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Sorry to hear about your test results and I can understand why you are devastated and scared.
Today people are living with Cancer and each year they come out with new drugs. Just in 2004 they came out with two new drugs for stage IV colon cancer that are having positive outcomes.
My hubby is stage IV and just finished having his liver resect and now started his preventive treatments. I fear also for him of reoccurrence, but try to fight this fear with hope. Never give up your hope. After seeing the woman who was on NBC news early this year when Avastin was approve tell her survival story - that gave me hope. She was told back in 1998 she had six months. She went on a Clinical trial for Avastin and was alive today, and living a quality life to tell her story. I pray for a cure for 2005!!!!

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