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cancer again

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i hope that some of you on this board can help me.almost 3 and a half yrs. ago,i was diagnosed with stage 3 colon cancer.it was in the lower portion of the colon but did not affect the rectum.10 of 15 lymph nodes were cancerous.i had surgery to take out some of my colon and then had 6 months of chemo.no radiation was needed.i was sailing along pretty good until last week when i found out that my cancer has come back in the colon at my resection area.my last cea count in may was 2.4 and it is now 5.9
i have ct. scans sheduled for tomorrow(mon. 8-2)
to see if the cancer has spread anywhere else.i'm very scared and am hoping someone can give me some words of encouragement and also if i can get some prayers sent my way.thank you in advance.may god bless cancer patients anf their caregivers.

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I'm so sorry to hear about your relapse. My husband has Stage 3 rectal cancer, it hasn't been a year yet but there isn't a day that goes by that I don't think about it coming back. I just bought a book called "Chicken Soup for the Surviving Soul". Its about survivors of cancer and their personal stories. It is very inspirational. There are many poems and stories in the book that really touch my heart. I hope that your scans don't reveal anything else, you will be in my prayers.


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Elaine, I know what you mean and I hear you loud and clear. I feel sometimes it's almost like I'm jinxing Bert's good outcome. Not a day goes by and I don't think about it coming back too. You are most definitely not alone.


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I am so sorry that your cancer was recurred. I pray that your scans don't show any spread. I too had a recurrence. I was first diagnosed in July 2003, then again in Jan, 2004. It has been a rough battle, but I'm still here, and you can beat this too. Just keep fighting and never give up. My prayers are with you. Keep us posted.
Love and prayers, Judy

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Hi there. Sorry to hear your news. I don't think anyone wiith cancer doesn't worry about it coming back . My hubby was stage 4 when dx in Feb. 04. with a met to the liver which he's having removed in a few weeks. We are still "new to all this" and sometimes it is very overwhelming. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. Please keep us posted on your scan results... perhaps they will be able to remov the new cancer... as for cea, I don't know what to think when it comes t that. My hubbys goes up and down all the time it seems. 1st he's a smoker, so his could be a little higher than normal, but when he was dx it was only 2.1... after surgery and he hadn't smoked for over a month it went up to 7.8 or so then after chemo started, it was down to 1.8 and he was smoking again, then recently it went back up to 3.8 (while still on chemo) and i have no idea what it may be now. he's been off chemo since July 2 and is awaiting surgery. I almost don't want to know sometimes as I think it just makes me worry as his scans show his tumor shrunk by 1/3 and no other visible cancer... At any rate, we will be looking for updates on you and keep you in our prayers...
God Bless,
Sally Jo

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I also have stage 3 rectal cancer and often wonder about a reoccurance. It has been a year since my surgery. Good luck with your scans. I will add you to my prayer list.

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Hi. I was stage 3, now stage 4 and undergoing chemo (again) after having my lung met removed in May. I am currently NED - yahoo.

I just wanted to say hello and let you know you are in good company. There are constantly new advances in the world of colorectal cancer. My prayers are with you now, tomorrow, and there after. Try to stay relaxed, but fight!!!!

We are always here for you if you need some love.


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I am so sorry to learn of the recurrence. You will certainly be in my prayers, and I am sending best wishes your way. I was diagnosed with Stage 3 rectal cancer. I'm 1+ years since surgery and about one year since chemo ended. So far, all clear -- we all live with the risk and fear of recurrence.
Best wishes, Tara

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Hi Law ,
Sorry about the recurrence just a temporary setback I am sure. Stay focused and fight on ,I was st 3 6of 13 nodes bad back in 98 have been ca free since wishing the same for you ,Cheers Ron.

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All our luv and prayers from OZ to you.It seems that we are all all subject to a very real fear of re-ocurrance.Right now I have been in rem. 5 months and the dread of that happening never leaves me.We offer our prayers and the hope that you are able to fight this setback knowing that all here are thinking of you.
kanga n Jen

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Sorry for your recurrance; good luck with the further tests; sending prayers and positive thoughts your way during this scary time. Judy

Anonymous user (not verified)

Prayers are definitely being sent your way. My husband Bert is stage III, diagnosed last year, and so far, remains cancer free. While I not in our situation, I can surely relate to your fear and concern. From a medical point of view, I have heard that if this damn disease has to come back, one of the best places is at the site of original surgery...remains easiest to cure...so don't you go and throw in the towel or give up or anything like that. You've made it once and you will do it again. My husband desperately needs to here from people just like you have not only licked this ******* once but if need be, twice or more. I need to hear from people like you too. Are you being treated at a major cancer center? I ask only because I found that for Bert once we went to a USC/Norris Cancer Center, the whole outlook of treatment and potential cure changed to a more of a we can do attitude than a let's just wait and see what happens attitude.

Hang in there. It's a bump in the road, but that's all it is. A bump that you will simply drive over...may be a little rough, but drive over you will.

Monika and Bert

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sorry to hear the news, my dad was diagnosed about 3 weeks ago with stage IV colon cancer that has spread into his lungs . He is actually seeing his oncologist today to find out when he will start chemo. I can understand how worrying things can be so I hope my prayers and best wishes will make that bit of difference to you.

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Hello -

I am so sorry to hear about your news. I wanted to share my moms experience with you, as I thought it might help.

My mom had a recurrence also at the surgery site in the colon. Luckily, when they re-operated, they did not find that there was any distant spread or affected lymph nodes. In addition, they found clear margins. Basically there were two theories that the doctor gave us:
- the first possibility was that there was an indadequate resection in the first place, and the cells were just growing, so it was not a matter of an actual recurrence.
- the second explanation was that the joint where the colon is reattached after surgery is very weak. Cancer cells generally attack the weakest parts of the body, so tiny cells that were outside of the surgery area attacked this part of the colon (which was not resistant). The fact that they could not spread outside this weak area was, according to the doctor, a good sign.

The good news is that there is a strong possiblity that this is a local recurrence and that there is no distant spread. In this case, you are still considered Stage III and also still considered curable !

My mom is feeling fantastic, even after multiple surgeries. We are all keeping our fingers crossed, but there has been no distant spread since.

Please feel free to ask me any more questions.


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