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Spiritual experiences

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My mother has advanced cancer. She had a visit from what she calls her guardian angel the other night. Is this an experience other survivors have had just before death? She and we need somone who has experience with the spiritual aspects of cancer to talk to or email with immediately.Thank you.

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I can share some of my spiritual expeiences, though I don't have cancer. I can tell you I am a person who is better able to sense spirits. My husband never had contact. However, about the time he was first realizing he was sick and getting dx'd he had his first contact in the form of a fragrance (vanilla). None of my spirit connections were vanilla, so I saw this as special for him. He has not tried to explore this any further as he is not openly spiritual.

I believe in spirits and believe they are real for others who also believe. I have asked mine for and gotten their names. My primary guardian angel has been with me for years, so it doesn't have to signal death.
Hope this helps,
Peace, love, happiness and health,

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We all experience different things and they mean something different to each of us. Being half Native American Indian and my father being a Shaman has given me a great insight into the spiritual world of the Creator. I have taken my Christian upbringing and combined it with my father's world and it has given me a greater spiritual inner strength. There is much to be learned about what is in each of us. The elders of several tribes have given me the name "Spiritwalker" since that is who and what I am. The gifts the Creator has given me have helped me to help those he has led me to help in their spiritual journey through this mortal world. If you think you might like to talk about it then please email me at spiritwalkersrealm@worldnet.att.net you just never know, always remember nothing happens by chance there is a reason for everything.

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