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Gday All,
This is my first time writing but i have read many discussions already. My name is Belinda and im 25 and from Australia, just two weeks ago my dad was diagnosed with colorectal cancer with metatsis to the lungs. It was such a huge shock initially being told that he has cancer (its such a scary word) but to second the blow he is at stage IV already. He had been having tests for the last 18 months, which include colonoscopy, gastroscopy, xrays, ultrasounds and bloodtests. But the tumor was unfortunatly not detected. He admitted himself to hospital and got a CT scan done which was the test which made the doctors look again, the rest is history.
He has not had surgery to remove the tumor because the surgeons believed a stent was the better option to open his bowel up, which will give him a quicker start to chemotherapy. I think he is starting next week.
I guess I am looking for advice from people in the same boat because I am not sure what to expect and how to handle all of this. It is still a new thing to get my head around. I have family and friends to support me but its not the same as someone who has been through it or someone experiencing it now.


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Hi Belinda, my name is Rebecca and my husband Ross who is 28 was diagnosed with colon cancer a few months ago. He was only stage 2 and had an operation to remove the tumor and is now undergoing chemotherapy. He has about 20 treatments to go out of 31. It is really sad to hear about your Dad especially since this was unfortunately missed during all the tests he had. It is a huge shock I know, the word 'cancer' almost made me faint when we were told. We have a 3 1/2 year daughter and I am only 29 so we were so scared. Things are much better now although we still get scared of course. Because of the stage that your Dad is at you obviously have huge fears but there are so many good news stories on this site and I hope they help you get through. I found it difficult to try and prepare for everything that was happening so I really just tried to start each new day fresh and positive even though this was harder some days than others. To be honest I still dont think I have really got my head around this. It still feels quite surreal. I am just happy that we are lucky enough to live in Australia where we have not had to wait for treatment or pay heaps of money either. It has made the whole experience less stressful. The people on this site are very caring and some of them take so much time answering messages and giving advice that it amazes me. It has definately helped my husband and I so I hope you will feel a little better by the end of the week when you have had lots of replies!!!! Take care and just do the best you can for your Dad. I know positive thinking cant cure cancer but in combination with medical treatment it has certainly got to help. Best wishes to you, your Dad and you family...Rebecca

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So sorry to hear about your Dad, but you have come to a great place for information, great uplifting stories of survival of this deadly disease, compassion and prayers and friendship.

I was diagnosed 1 1/2 yrs. ago with Stage 3 and underwent surgery and 6 months chemo. Today, I am feeling much better and consider myself to be a survivor of this deadly disease.

I am sure you will be hearing from our very own "Aussie", Kanga and his lovely wife Jen very soon.

You and your Dad and family will be in our prayers and thoughts. And we will always be here for you when you need advise, suggestions, comfort, whatever. The "semi-colons" RULE!

Keep us posted as to how your Dad is doing.


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Hi Belinda,

I was diagnosed with stage 4 at age 33. Mine spread to my liver though, not my lungs, so I'm not sure what the docs will do for that type of mets. It is devastating when a battery of tests are done, and this is the diagnosis. However, please don't lose hope. I have been all clear since 2002. There are new advancements happening all the time to increase the chances of success.

As you will see by visiting here, you will find support to help get you and your family through the rougher times. We all understand what you are going through.

Keep in touch,


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Hello Belinda. I am Monika, caregiver to my husband Bert diagnosed one year ago with stage III colon cancer. He underwent surgery to remove the cancer followed by 4 months of chemo therapy and then an additional 4 months of stronger chemo therapy for the best shot at cure since four lymph nodes were involved. Today, he is cancer free and doing very well, which I hope and pray will continue.

I am also caregiver to my mother who was diagnosed two years ago with inoperable lung cancer. She has been on and off chemo for the past two years...there have been good days and yes, some bad ones, but for the most part her quality of life has not been affected to greatly and she is still here with me.

This is a great board and I'm very glad that you have found us. Come here often and please keep in touch. My best to you and your family.

Monika and Bert

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It has to be tough for you and your family. I was diagnosed two years ago and my children had a tough time of it. Cancer isn't the automatic death sentence that it used to be. Things have changed, medicines are better as are surgery techniques. I hope you will think about talking to someone as you go through this process with your Dad. It really helped my family cope while I was dealing with the illness. I will send good thoughts over the water to you and your family.

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Hi Belinda,

My mother was diagnosed in March of this year. It's the hardest thing I've ever had to go through. I'm 27 yrs old and want my mother to be around when I have children of my own.

You're right about talking to people who are going through it. Freinds and family are great but if they've never been through it - I feel as though they don't understand.

I hope you find comfort on this website. I did.


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And a big ole HI Y'ALL from south of the US of A Belinda,

I just finished a book I got as a gift that was really good at describing how the journey can unfold for many types of people the cancer. The book is "Hope in the Face of Cancer, A Survival Guide" by Amy Givler, MD. She is a cancer survival and both she and her husband are doctors. She was pregnant when she started chemo and delivered a healthy baby and is now a 10 year survivor. I wish I had gotten the book back when I first started out. He has all sorts of things to expect when and what to do about them. Let us know the kind of chemo he is getting and the frequency and those of us familiar with it will jump into to help. Bottom line is that no 2 people react the same to chemo.

I too am Stage IV (my original doctor missed it too and then it spread to my liver and 1 spot on my lung). How is your Dad handling all of this? He is lucky to have you there to help him....caregivers are awesome!!!!!

You are going to love Kanga, all of us girls do (I dare speak for the guys)!!!! AND we love Jen too!!!! He too is from the Down Under.

The docs are going to treat the spreading with the most urgency and probably hope the original tumor "behaves itself" while the chemo works it's magic (yeah it is poison, but it is his friend!!!). That is what my oncologist is doing and hopefully soon the spreading tumors (his secondary cancers) will shrink enough for surgery to be more successful for the big C (Cure). I call cancer the little c.

Lisa P.

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Hi to Rebecca, Kerry, Stacy, Monika, Taunya, Julie and Lisa.

I just would like to say THANKYOU from the bottom of my heart for all your kind words. I had tears in my eyes while reading all your wonderfull replies. I am so glad that I have found you guys because i feel better already knowing that I can write to you in the good and bad times.
I will definatly like to hear about how you all are doing and my prayers and thoughts are with you all too.

My dad is going to see his oncologist on Tuesday (Aussie time) for his initial consultation, so i will know more then as to when he will start and what drugs he will be taking. But from what we know it looks like intravenous chemotherapy is what will help him the most.

Well thanks again

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Hi Belinda'
Sorry to hear about your dad but take heart we have some wonderful cancer surgeons and oncologists here in aust. I was diagnosed and treated at buderim private hospital up here on the Sunshine coast in Queensland. I was advanced st 3 with an extremely aggressive tumor which had invaded 6 lymph nodes. I relly wasn't given a great deal of chance of survival but with surgery and 12 mos of chemo I have now been ca clear for 6 yrs and 8 mos and am now considered cured of that tumor , I just have to remain vigilant for new ones. Good luck to your Dad I hope u will both be fine Cheers Ron.

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Hi Ron,

You are a real inspiration! Thats wonderful to hear that its been almost 7 years on and you are considered cured of your tumor. You have given me a real sense of hope -thanks. Im down in Melbourne and I'm sure you are right that our doctors here in aust are great.

Good to hear from you.

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