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ED 50% Nerve Sparing RP

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I had my RP March 17, 2004. I'm 52 years old. Presently I'm taking injections for my erection. I just tried 50 mgs. of Viagra with very little result. Has any one recovered their erection from a 50% nerve sparing RP. Any information would be helpful.

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That's a very short length of time. It may take as long as 18 months. Best restults usually happen with bi-lateral as I understand it. Hard to hear I know, but be patient. At age 57, I had bi-lateral and had only partial erections so then had implant surgery 2.6 years later. Your young age is a positive factor. I'm very satisfied with what has happened.

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I also had so-called "50%" nerve sparing surgery. And that's what I get in the erection category, about 50% - not like the old days and never will be. I've waited for almost 7 years now (since I had the RP) and it just isn't happening. I guess one could never say never, but for me, the story is finished: no good 'ol hardons anymore.

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