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Thanks for prayers /Pet scan bad results

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Thanks to all who replied to my request for prayers this weekend when we got news that hubbys chemo is apparently not working/scan show something, etc. We are supposed to hear from the DR. tomorrow so I hope to know then what the whole scope of these results mean. They have also scheduled hubby to see his regular onc. dr. on fri. as he was originally sched. for chemo that day, so dont know if he'll have any or not. I suspect if what the nurse said is true, then they may opt to stop chemo for now and let hubby gain strength for surgical removal of the met in his liver. Does this sound right to you? I think he has to have a break for 28 days from the Avastin befre they can do surgery? Anybody else know how that works?

Hubby is just an angel... I was so upset on Thursday when all this nonsence started and he goes out for his rx meds and comes back with 3 porcelain doll - 2 of which are PRAYING ANGELS (with wings) ON BENT KNEES. He found them in a box on the side of the road marked FREE... Now what are the odds that he'd find these beautiful dolls/angels without a spec of dust on them - they look brand new - right when I am about to lose it and right when I am praying for a sign from God to let me know that things will be OK? A friend of mine always tells me when things like this happen, it's NOT ODD...IT'S GOD!!! So that lifted my spirits some... I will keep you all updated as I foind out what the plan of action is from here. Please continue to keep us in your prayers and we will do the same for all of you here.

I am so truly grateful to have met you all (although in cyber space - I care deeply about all of you) and be able to share our stories...hopes...dreams...fears... what a relief to have an outlet like this where we can share our grief and our celebrations. HUgs to all...
:) Sally Jo

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Sorry to hear you did not get good news. Hopefully they will explan at your visit with the onco.
Before my hubby's surgery he had four weeks originally off before surgery, but surgery was moved one week later because of our insurance change. So he had 5 weeks off. He also had an area of concern from his pet scan that just turned out to be swelling (we wouldn't know until they open him up).
My prayers go out to both of you.

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Hiya Sally--hey--you know how they say there is gold at the end of a rainbow?
Well--kanga reckons there is a whole lot of love at the end of such a beutiful thing--soooooo---am sending you over a "rainbow" to cheer you up!
luv n huggs--say hi to your hubby from us in OZ--thinking of him.
kanga n Jen

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Hi Sally Jo,
Sorry about your husband's results....what a roller coaster this disease is, and the uncertainties are often harder to deal with than the disease itself. I'm sorry I don't have any specific info for you, but I know that there are others here who have gone through liver surgery that has been successful in stopping this beast.
There is a message from those angels; wishing you continued strength. Judy

Anonymous user (not verified)

Sally, thank you for your prayers and support for all of us. You know you've got ours. Hang in there...it will get better. I know that seems a little hard to believe right now, but it will. God is with you and watching over both you and your family. I am firmly convinced that those "dolls" were a sign from him that things will be as they should be and He is there.

Many hugs,

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