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Grandma 047(Judy)-update

kangatoo's picture
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Joined: Feb 2004

Hi guys--The latest news from Stacey(Judy's daughter) is that Judy is still having problems.Judy was running a fever and they had her packed in ice to bring her temp. down.The infection is still a problem and Judy was given an abdominal scan.She had trouble keeping the "contrast" down so the tried to give it to her via a nasal tube to her belly, but she couldn't keep it down(the contrast).So they did an un-contrasted scan.The scan also looks at the lower lungs and the doctors saw what they thought was a blood clot.She is now on meds. to thin her blood and Stacey says that this will cause problems if they want to operate again in a hurry.
Judy just wants things to improve so she can return home.

That's all I have for you at the moment guys.
Stacey asks that you all continue to pray for her mum.

Judy has had such a hard time I am sure all our love and prayers go out to her.
kanga n Jen

StacyGleaso's picture
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Joined: Mar 2003

Thanks for the update kanga...

I'm sure we all feel like we wish there was more we could do for Judy, and will all continue to keep her in our prayers...


Posts: 33
Joined: Mar 2004

Please give Judy our hugs and prayers as we all continue to pray for you.

Love from Michelle

Anonymous user (not verified)

She most certainly has our prayers...hands down, no need to even ask. I truly hope that all will be well and soon. Kanga, please give our love to Judy and her family.

Monika & Bert

Posts: 296
Joined: Mar 2004

Please give Judy our best wishes!!! We are praying for her!! Hang in there and Please keep us posted when you get a chance.

All our prayers!!!

Sue and Bob

Posts: 319
Joined: Jan 2003

Thanks Kangatoo for the update, Tell Judy to never give up no matter how bad things may be. Just put it in Gods hands and she'll be alright.

Posts: 232
Joined: Apr 2003

I thank you too for the update Kanga.

Please pass on to Stacey that both she and Judy are both very much still in my thoughts and prayers.


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Joined: Dec 2003

Oh Kanga, What a trial this has been for Judy...she went into the hospital on May 20! Please continue to let Stacey know that they are in our prayers for recovery. Thank you for keeping us informed. the other Judy

kangatoo's picture
Posts: 2115
Joined: Feb 2004

Hiya guys--I have just sent an email to Stacy sending Judy your love/prayers/ best wishes.
I have also "named" you all---------Judy now has a message containing 14 names of those who have replied to these posts.There have been others as well and I have told Judy this, however I did not make a record of those.
Nonetheless I am sure that ALL of our good friends here send their very best.
kanga n Jen

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