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Instestional strictricture Broke

livin Member Posts: 318
edited March 2014 in Colorectal Cancer #1
Hi everyone I was a little down in the dumps. I went for a coloscopy with dialation on May 25 th and my instestine broke. I knew this was a risk because I was getting dialation every 6 months I now have a temporary colostomy until September when the doctor will reverse it. I would like to know if anyone has the feeling of having to go from their rectum instead of the colostomy I find it strange but I am getting use to it. Being a 2 time survivor of cancer Breast 1999 and colon stage 3 in 2001 has made me a stronger person. I just go on Livin no matter what after all Iam a young 49 yo-smile. Keep the faith.


  • kangatoo
    kangatoo Member Posts: 2,105
    Hiya Livin--can't help you with your question but nonetheless welcome you and hope you continue to tame tha beast.
    Keepin the faith,
    sending you our best from "down under"
    kanga n Jen
  • Kanort
    Kanort Member Posts: 1,272

    I do not have any experience with your situation, but I applaud your bravery and especially your attitude!!

    Keep believing!

  • Karlen1
    Karlen1 Member Posts: 24
    Hi Livin, love your attitude! I have an ileostomy and yes, lots of folks still have the feeling of wanting to go through their rectum. I believe most have said that this feeling lessens with time. There is a terrific web site for people with ostomies. It is:


    Take a look and post any question you like. Good luck to you.

    All the best, Karlen
  • Hello Livin:

    Can't help you either with your question but you sure have a great attitude...the kind of attitude that we all need, both care giver and patient alike, when dealing with this demon. Glad you posted and I'm sure someone here will be able to provide you with some answers. We're a pretty big group.

    Hang in there!

  • scouty
    scouty Member Posts: 1,965
    Hi Livin,

    I got a tempy colostomy last fall after a perforated colon (my original dr missed the cause, a colorectal tumor causing 90% blockage). It really isn't that bad, I don't think. Yes, you will have a "sensation" that you need to pass something from your rectum, but that is more due to years of cause and effect training (habit). I don't even notice it anymore and suspect I may be in big trouble when mine gets reversed!!!!. I think the bag makes it easier with some of the pain and bloating from diarrhea and constipation. BUT, watch out for anything you may take to "move your bowels". It happens lightning fast with the bag (like the stuff you have to drink in prep for a colonostopy). If you have any testing done while you have the tempy bag, make sure they remember to check out your rectal area. The bag hinders the effectiveness of some of the testing. They may already be doing it, but better safe then sorry!!! Your colon will continue to secrete "stuff", so you will pass some clear mucous like liquid out of your rectum. That is normal, dead cells, normal stuff. You will learn to recognize it along with learning to ignore the old symptoms of having to "go right now". Sometimes, I wish I could redirect my bladder to my bag (just kidding). I change bags every 4-7 days and have it down to a drill that takes about as long as brushing my teeth does. It is just something else I do getting ready after a shower.

    Feel free to email and ask any questions you may have. I love your attitude too and just remember the "new bag" gives you a quick response when someone asks you what you want for your birthday...."a matching pair of shoes to go with my new bag"

    Lisa P.
  • livin
    livin Member Posts: 318
    Thank you all that replied. Remember never give up no matter what.
  • ipetrou
    ipetrou Member Posts: 33
    hi - my husband's surgeon told him (he got a temp ileostomy) to expect to feel like he needs to go to the bathroom normally and, sure enough, he has been so i think that is perfectly normal. he also said not to be surprised if some things (like mucus, stitches from surgery) do come out from his anus.