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Mouth Sores

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Hi all, hope all is well with everyone. I've got a quick question. My husband just started experiencing mouth sores. He is going for his chemo on Thurs. so he will discuss with doc. My question is can this affect me in any way? Should we stop with the necking (lol)? Thanks for your responses and support.


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Considering he evens wants to neck with you,,, consider yourself lucky mouth sores and all. You should take each kiss with every bit of love you have to give.


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Good question for the onc or nurses...I think they have heard all kinds of inquiries, many from me. I would imagine that the sores are caused by irritation or mucosal changes from the chemical agents used, or by a degree of immuno compromise (not usually a problem with colon agents, I think). Does your hubby have "super mouthwash"? It's a scrip form the onc, whch includes a couple of meds and offered me pretty quick relief. I did have split corners of my mouth for weeks, which responded to mycalog cream.
If you guys are still necking, I would throw caution to the wind and enjoy! (My husband suffers from spontaneous canker sores in his mouth, and I've not "caught" one in 22 years)

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Ahoy, Linda -

I agree that you two lovebirds should throw caution to the wind with regard to necking. Mouth sores are a "normal" side-effect of chemo. A lot of people suck ice chips when they push the chemo bolus (assuming that's the delivery method your husband is getting). The cold of the ice reduces blood flow in the mouth and thereby reduces the incidence of mouth sores. When I got them, I used Zilactin antibacterial mouth swabs. They were really good for cleaning the sores and there is also zilocaine in the mix so it helps numb the site as well.

Now, get those lights turned down and get busy!

- SpongeBob

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Ah Linda---Jen's never had a problem with "catching" anything from kanga.I had quite a few ulcers--cracked lips etc. but that didn't stop her annoyin me, "even when I had said--I have a headache dear"-----lol
If hubby can put up with a bit of extra pain in the mouth--so to speak--go for it!!
Btw---don't let him use commercial mouthwashes--ie; Listerine(brand name in Australia)
They are far too strong and will burn.
I used a product here called Difflam(contains Benzydamide hyrochloride)----it was excellent.If that brand name is not what yu have there try asking your pharmacy.

ps--ain't love a wonderfull thing!!!!

our best--kanga n Jen

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