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Hi this is my first time entering this ..My mother has been fighting nhl for the last four years.When she first developed it is was high grade then it came back as low grade and now it has come back again.This time the doctor is tslking about stem cell high dose chemo.Have any of you had this ?

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I'm sorry to hear about your Mom's illness. Stem-cell transplants are a very common treatment for a relapse of lymphoma. I am a survivor of NHL and in my consultations with doctors in NY and Boston as well as the reading material I have consulted, a stem-cell transplant is typically recommended upon relapse of lymphoma.
That being the case, your Mom's general health would be a factor to see if she is a candidate. If the doctor feels she is capable of having a stem-cell transplant, then you may want to get a 2nd opinion to feel more empowered to make your decision.
A stem-cell transplant from what I understand is quite an intense procedure (and expensive = does insurance cover). I do not have first hand experience but would suggest you go to the Discussion Boad for Stem-Cell and Bone Marrow Transplants for more information. The folks there should be able to provide some more answers.
Best to you and your family and especially your Mom. I hope you get the healing you need.

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Thanks for the reply susanne.In Ireland most people have medical insurance to cover the cost of theese treatments so thank God we have this cover. We are still waiting on results as to whether this new lump is high grade or low grade. The doctors have done a number of byiospys now but because it it so close to her lung they cant really get into it. They are saying if it presents itself as high grade they will give regular chemo as it reponds so well to this but if it is low grade the only option it stem cell transplant. The doctor is now away until August 3rd so we are unlikely to hear anything til then.It awful having to wait that long for an update. I just really wanted to say thank you for your kind responce to my message...Kind Regards karyn

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