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My daughter age 19 just finished her year of interferon and is experiancing some side affects. Has anyone had any similar experiances and for how long?

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Hi Brook, I was diagnosed with level 4 melanoma in february 2001. I was 25 at the time. I did a year of interferon. First 3 months I went monday through friday. next 6 months i went monday wednesday friday and final 3 months i did self injections in my stomach. I had very bad side effects with the interferon. Really bad Flu like symptoms. fever, chills, pains cant eat etc. I also had a problem with keeping my plattlets and white blood cells up. After treatment it took me about a year to start to feel good again. I was still fatigued and not back to normal for a while. the best thing i found was nutrision. eating well fruits, protein, water etc. made me feel alot better. Boost energy drinks worked the best. Today I am in remission and feel great.

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Hi Mike,
I am 24 and I will start my interferon treatments in a few days. You said you experienced a lot of flu like symptons, how long did it last? Where you able to work during your treatment? I really don't know what to expect, all the information I can get would help out greatly. THanks

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Hello, I was diagnosed with Stage 3 Melanoma in January 2003. I just finished up my year treatment of Interferon at the end of April. The first month I went monday-Friday and received 40 ml units through a port in my chest, the next 11 months I took self injected shots of 20 ml units 3 days a week. I was very sick while on the Interferon, although not nearly as sick during the last 11 months as the first. Since I have finished my treatment I have not noticed any side effects. What are some of the ones your daughter is having?

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My husband is in his fifth month of Interferon right now. A part from the "flue-like" symptoms, he is experiencing a very strong depression. Has anybody experienced anything similar.

Thank you. Ninja

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