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"Glassy-Cell Carcinoma" Rare Cervical Caner

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HELP! I am only 29 years old. I have been diagnosed with a rare cervical cancer called "Glassy-Cell Carcinoma". It is very important I find a survivor. This cancer is very agressive. AVAILABLE studies indicate the youngest women to have this cancer was 52 years old. In the Southeast,only three women a year are diagnosed with it. Please send me a survivor. I start radiation on June 8th and Chemo on June 9th. Success rate is at 50%, is this good?!? ~Brandy

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I'm new to this site because my younger sister (49) had a negative pap smear and they called her on the phone and said they had found some squamous cell ??? and she needed a colonoscopy right away. I don't understand what a colonoscopy has to do with the pap smear. Can you tell me any information? lovesflowers

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First, I am very sorry to read about your condition. I truly wish you the best of luck. My prayers are with you.
Secondly, My wife had Glassy cell Carcinoma. She was 25. I created a website to help others like yourself understand what can happen. Pay special attention to the timeline I built on the Page. http://JessicaKarim.com
She passed away May 6, 2004, One month before her 26th birthday.

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Hello, Im kelly. Did you get a second opinion to your glassy cell? Im 29 too I just got over stage 3 cervical Ca. Eat alot of cheese. Im sorry I wish I could help. Just please tell me you got a second opinion.

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I am a Glassy Cell Carcinoma SURVIVOR. I was diagnosed in 1999 at the ago of 29 and I am now 35 years old and happy to say that I am alive and well and raising my six year old daughter. I am happy to talk to anyone who needs to talk and I understand exactly what you feel when you are diagnosed with this type of cancer. - Stevi

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Hi Stevi,
My name is Doris and my sister-in-law has just been diagnosed with glassy cell adenocarcinoma of the uterus. I believe this is what you had. She is at stage 2B. She and my brother are very scared and it's difficult to find positive information. Can you give me some specifics regarding your diagnosis and treatment? She just had her CT and MRI's done and is waiting for her treatment, radiation and chemo to begin. She is 36 years old. Thanks for any inspiration you can give.

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I'm sorry, but my inglish is very poor. but i need help for may friend, She have a daughter with glassy cell cervix cancer.
She is 19 years old!!.. In march 2009 has a surgery, but not complete, the doctors preserve yoru utero, and your fertility.
there are different views between the surgeon who operated and oncologist, as the latter said it would be preferable if the surgery was complete, which was removed the uterus, ovaries, everything, but are unsure about what to do about it. would appreciate receiving information about recent cases, treatments and outcomes. thank you very much

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Hello Brandy, I too am a survivor diagnosed at 27 and still here at 50. I was told at the time I had it there was only 4 people  ever in the cancer hospital i was in and only one on Prince edward island canada where I live. I had 25 radiation treatments and a radical hysterectomy. My son was 3 at the time and I ask god to let me  live until he turns 18  because I was a single mom, well he is 25 and i have a 7 year old granddaughter, Good luck Brandy

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H I also jus got diagnosed with glassy cell variant adenocarcinoma Stage 2a.

i m encouraged with the survivor stories. i was really frightful. 

can you kindly share with me what were your treatment options and any diet alteration? 


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Hi is lazysusanisme still on here? I have just had recurrence of my glassy cell after having radical hysterectomy unsure if to go for the pelic exenteration or not. Be great to hear where your at With treat. I am in the uk 

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