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Similar experience?

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Joined: Mar 2004

Hello everyone -
I was hoping that someone could share their thoughts on the following -

My mom had surgery resulting in a permanent colostomy six weeks ago - she looks and feels fantastic. She had been doing all of her normal activities.

Last night she started complaining about abdominal cramps and then during the evening she vomitted three times. She feels much better today and does not want to go to the doctor, as she is attributing the episode to the fact that she consumed a lot of fruit during the day.

Has anyone had such an experience? I am very worried that she is avoiding having to go to the doctors again.

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My Dad had the same surgery, resulting in the permanent colostomy. He did have some nausea and vomiting, and diareah. Is she on chemotherapy? That could definitely be the cause. If it is just a one time thing I'd think maybe it had to do with the fruit, if it happens again, she should at least call the doctor, speak to the nurse. Sorry to not be much of a help, but yeah, my Dad did have bouts of nausea.

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Hi I suggest she find a local Ostomy group they have list of certain food that can upset some that have colostomies...Also during the summer month she needs to increase her water intake..
she may have just had a passing bug.. only if it continues would I get concerned.

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I'm a bit late in replying -- I hope by now the problem is resolved. I had something similar happen, a short time after surgery. I was checked out at the hospital, including xray of my abdomen. They never did find anything wrong, and it hasn't happened again (I later had nausea with chemo -- but that's a different story). They wanted to be sure I didn't have a blockage. These can occur. I hope by now the problem has completely resolved, and was just a "one-off". But you might need to keep the possibility of a blockage in mind if it ocurrs again.
Wishing you both all the best. Glad to hear your mom is otherwise doing so well.

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I am late, too, in responding and hope all has resolved by now. However, after my first chemo treatment, which was about five weeks after my surgery, I had intense abdominal pain and nausea. Because I attributed it to the chemo, I would not inform my doctor. I was fearful that I wasn't going to be able to tolerate the chemo and thought I could "tough it out!" Anyway, by day 6, I could not even keep water down. To make a long story shorter, I ended up in the hospital for seven days with severe dehydration and an abdominal adhesion. So, it is always better to contact your oncology office and let them know what is going on. I hope all is well know.


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