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Anybody else have cracked corners of the mouth?

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Hi all,
I've been on 5FU and leucovorin for 5 months now, and since February the corners of my mouth have been split and inflamed. I've treid every type of chapstick and lip balm, but no success.
This week, I had lunch with a dermatologist friend, and she was concerned about my mouth; said that often there is a little infection (either bacterial or fungal) and wrote me a scrip for Mycalog ointment....well, 3 days later, the cracks are healed....no more splitting open every time I try to eat something!! It's been a minor but constant painful annoyance for months. So...if anyone else has the same problem consider my experience. My onc says he's never prescribed mycalog for anyone....hope that changes.
Regards, Judy

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Hiya Judy--ol kanga is back from awol.Thanks for the info--geez--coulda done with that info 2 months ago.I had a major problem with cracked lips--he he--Jen wouldn't even give me a kiss!
I kinda put up with it but nonetheless thanks for the info Judy--hope it helps some of the other guys out.
love kanga n Jen

ps--Jen has taken up kissin me again--lol

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