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Salivary/Parotid gland problems anyone?

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I had papillary thyroid cancer removed in 9/03; a total thyroidectomy and partial neck dissection. I recieved a large dose of I131 in 10/03. Since I have been struggling with my sythroid levels. I now have what the docs think is an infection in my Parotid gland. I have pain when I eat, and I am running a fever on and off. They have put me on an antibiotic and I am scheduled to see an ENT and possibly have a CT scan. Has anyone else had problems with their salivary glands due to the radiation? I have no idea what to expect or what could be going on.

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Hi Jennifer,I been dealing with my cancer for almost 16 years.I've had 3 treatments(I131)The 1st one was in 1989(I131-100)in 1994 I had my second of(I131-125)in 2003 I had my last one(I131-152)In all of my treatments I felt my salivary glands very sore,I don't have parathyroid glands because mine were removed in surgery.But,my glands went back to normal and I don't have any trouble with them I didn't take no antibiotics for it.I hope you get better and everythings turns out ok.Take care,Cherrie.
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Had papillary cancer in thyroid in 1988 and radioiodine treatment in 1994. Never had any problems until 2003 when a tumor was found in my parotid gland. Doctors say that the two are not related, but it does make you wonder. I had no pain in my neck from the parotid cancer and no fever. Sounds like you have an infection, that after a long course of antibiotics should clear up. Best of luck. Karen

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Jennifer, I had papillary thyroid tall cell carcinoma which is aggresive type of tumor.. whole thyroidectomy in 1998, partial neck dissection twice in 2002,and open lung surgery(related to thyroid tumor)in 2002. I also recieved a large dose of 1131 three times through the years. Since last radiation treatment in Nov. 2002, i have been suffering all sort of problems in my mouth. My salivary glands is not working, so i use alternative medication or various kind of medication to reduce the pain, dryness or stickiness in my throat. On top of that, my dentist pulled my ten teeth out prior to the last radiation treatment(out beam). I had same fear that what was coming next, but i am learning to manage the fear through meditation ,group discussion, verious activities or religion. In my case, religion is a big part of my life. More over, from recent scan, they have found small nudules in my both lungs and throat, but i really need to make a big decision this time whether to take an another 1131 if my doctor suggests it. Well, if you want to contact me, here is my e-mail address, koyo47@msn.com

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I am similar to you. Thyroidectomy 5/03, radioiodine 131 8/03, followed by another treatment 11/04. Right after that treatment I noticed soreness on both sides of the back of my lower jaw and sometimes lumps. When I push on the jaw line I get a very salty taste in my mouth. I don't know if you are still checking this website, but if you do please respond. What have you done to follow up with your problem?

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