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So many questions!

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I was diagnosed with endometrial cancer, and three weeks ago had radical hysterectomy. They found cancer had spread with sprinkles of cells in my abdominal cavity.. they got everything they could see. My oncologist told me that cancer is most likely still there, and would recommend HT with Megace. I guess I am still in shock that all this has happened. I feel fine, but am concerned about relationship with my oncologist. I never received any follow up call once I got home from hospital.. and when I called my onc to make appt. it took 2 days for office to call back. I will not see him for another couple of weeks, and in meantime have so many questions. I
wonder if this is typical? I have requested call back from him to ask a few questions. I just feel kind of put off. I also wonder why they are waiting on the HT therapy? I seem to be up one day thinking I am on road to recovery from surgery and feeling fine.. then start thinking about the cancer and wonder what is going on. It is almost like a block keeping me from doing things I normally would do... just feel like I am in limbo. Would love to hear from anyone out there who has experienced same. Thanks!

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My Mom also has uterine cancer. Her doctor also suggested Megace/Hormone therapy as a maintenance therapy. When we asked whether her tumor was hormone receptor positive or negative he didn't know. Hormone therapy only helps if the tumor is hormone receptor positive. After testing a tissue sample from her original biopsy her oncologist found her tumor was negative for hormone receptors and decided against Megace. If you feel uncomfortable with your treatment plan, please seek another opinion. My Mom questions everything it gives her peace of mind.

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I am sorry to hear about your diagnosis and difficulty after surgery. I too was recently diagnosed with endometrial cancer. I had surgery, radiation to my pelvis, and chemotherapy. During the course of my diagnosis I elicited the opinions of several doctors. Everyone had an opinion, sometimes different. I encourage you to seek a second opinion on your treatment plan if you are having doubts. Depending on the type of tumor you have, age, other medical problems, you may benefit from therapy other than progesterone such as radiation and/or chemotherapy. It is very difficult to learn about something like this when you're dealing with the shock of being diagnosed, but a second opinion can make the difference sometimes.
Take care.

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