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I was just told my dad needs chemo. I understand that there are several different kinds of chemo some harsher than others. I was not happy (I don't want him to go through that) but happy that we have a CHANCE to kill it. Then I get an e-mail from my cousin and now I'm panicking again. Here is what she said "I am totally opposed to the chemo. I think the chemo is deadly. Just the word alone –CHEMO-SHORT FOR CHEMICAL…CHEMICAL THERAPY-doesn’t sound very helpful to me. It kills the good and the bad and an unhealthy body cannot reproduce the “good” back into the body. Chemo mutilates the heart. You can die from Chemo. If the Doctor’s plan on choosing his type of chemo-Malcolm needs to choose which one he wants because the odds of it helping him are slim no matter if a skilled professional or a construction worker chooses the proper chemo. My friend just went through it with her mother. Died from Chemo, complication with her heart. $120,000. Worth of medical expenses and they only started out doing it once per month and then once bi-weekly and then on her death bed, still pumping the poison into her body-ON HER DEATH BED-I guess they had to reach that “$120 grand” mark of medical bills before they killed her. That’s my opinion-I don’t want any part of that."

So what to do? Any advice please?????

I can't really keep checking this site all day for a reply so please if you want to reply please e-mail me at scatlett@bode.com. Thanks for any advice. Also, I've heard that chemo for prostate cancer is not like the other chemos? Is that true. Anyone know?

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Scatlett- I have responded on the ACS site for two reasons verse sending you a private one;
1. it (the site) was developed for all of our members to be able to read and pickup little bits of information/support that may be helpful to them.
2. you have time to read your emails - access to this site doesn't take much more time does it?

Now, Firstly, it is not your cousin that has cancer.
Secondly, WHAT if anything does your cousin offer as an alternative?
Thirdly, what are your dads options if he does nothing?
Fourthly,dependng on his age (?) and otherwise health condition are also decision factors HE has to decide on.
As for the effects of chemial therapy -- LIFE has side effects also, one is that it typically doesn't go on for ever so your dad needs to consider his quality of life, not the rantings of your cousin who has not offered any alternatives?
Your are comparing your friends case to your dads and missing the point possibly? Your friend chose to fight the disease and all other possible factors, age, health, existing heart weakness etc... may not be exactly as your dads.
Don't know if any of this has helped but that is why we post on this site so others can pickup another viewpoint of the issue being discussed.

BOTTOM LINE- your dad had to decide what is best for HIM and the family needs to support him and not carp/complain unless they have some alternatives for him to consider.
Hang in there and god bless.

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The reason I asked for you to respond to my e-mail was I am at work and for a month now I have done nothing but cry and be distracted and we are not allowed to just surf the net. So I can use e-mail but I can’t be caught on the internet. Understand? But anyway I got the information so thank you.

My cousin does not go to doctors and she doesn’t take her children to doctors. She is offering this as an alternative: http://www.herbalhealer.com/essiac.html (you have to take a look for yourself. She says that she doesn’t know anyone that has survived chemo and she knows a few people that have used this and they are now cured of cancer. I’m not against the herb, and in fact, we do have him on the herbs but we are going to do the chemo too. If the herbs work great.

Attn: Anyone else out there may want to check out the site and try it. (It’s worth a shot, if what it says is true, you will be rid of cancer). Click on http://www.herbalhealer.com/essiac.html and read the information and testimonials.

The doctor told us if he does nothing they give him 2 years.

He is 57 and doesn’t have any other health problems that we are aware of. Just overweight.

I have already told my dad that the decision is up to him and he is up for chemo. He trusts that the doctors know what they are talking about. I told him that if he should decide that he doesn’t want it that’s fine too. I am supporting him WHATEVER he decides to do. But I am physically and emotionally a wreck and it’s hard when others in the family aren’t being supportive of him or me. We are going through a lot (him more so). But I’m trying to be strong when in reality I’m not strong at all and it’s killing me.

And that is exactly what I told my cousin; unless you have some alternative that we know for sure works then don’t be negative about what he is deciding to do.

Thanks for your advice and please feel free to offer any more advice you may have. You are also in my prayers. Please keep us in yours. My dads name is Malcolm.

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You may also be interested in this information:
"Essiac is an herbal remedy that was prescribed and promoted for about 50 years by Rene M. Caisse, a Canadian nurse who died in 1978. Shortly before her death, she turned over the formula and manufacturing rights to the Resperin Corporation, a Canadian company that has provided it to patients under a special agreement with Canadian health officials. Several reports state that the formula contains burdock, Indian rhubarb, sorrel, and slippery elm, but there may be additional ingredients. Essiac tea claimed to be Caisse's original formulation is also marketed in the United States. Several animal tests using samples of Essiac have shown no antitumor activity. Nor did a review of data on 86 patients performed by the Canadian federal health department during the early 1980s"
Good Luck, Benji

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