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Husband recurring

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Joined: Apr 2004

Hi, I am new here... but My husband and I arent new to colon cancer hes been fighting it now for almost 11 years. he was first dx in July of 93.. went threw surgery and 1 year or 52 weeks of 5fu and Levamisole... recurred in 95 another surgery .. 1 year or 52 weeks again of 5fu this time with leucovorin and 6 weeks of radiation... recurred again in 98 surgery again and colostomy ...1 year or 52 weeks of CPT11 all went well and he went into remission... we were so happy we thought he had beat it after all that.. and were so happy.. well are happiness ended in Oct / Nov he started having cramping in what was left of his rectum and his CEA were on the rise. A biopsy in Jan let us know it was back again . First we went to sloans then to hopkins... all are saying his long term prognosis isnt good..At first they werent sure if they would or could do surgery but then Hopkins said they would. He will have surgery May 5th to remove his rectum, prostate and bladder... on to chemo again not sure which one or how long..It has just devastated us

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I am so sorry that your husband has had such a rough time. I had surgery last July and a recurrence in January. I know it is rough. I know you both are really tired. I sure would be. I know how devasted I was with it occurring once. Sounds like you have tried everything there is. Never lose hope though, no matter what you go through. I know it had been hard on you, as a caregiver too. Let me know if I can help. I will pray for you both.
Love and prayers, Judy H.

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Joined: Apr 2003

Hi Tess- My goodness you both have been through a lot. My prayers are with you both.

Although everyone responds differently to chemotherapy, I have been on oxaliplatin/Xeloda for the last 10 mths and have found it easier than CPT 11. Hopefully your husband will be able to tolerate surgery and treatment well.

Take care,


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Hi Tess--very sadenned to hear of your husbands re-ocurrance.You have definately had a rough time of it and I guess there is little anyone can say to console you--You are obviously a fighter as is your hubby.For what it is worth you have our luv and prayers from us here in Australia.
All our best and come back if you need to talk--kanga n Jen

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Joined: Mar 2004

Hi -

So sorry to hear that you have to go through this ordeal. My mother was diagnosed January 2003 and has had two local recurrences, this last one, in March 2004 resulted in a colostomy.

Your situation sounds very similar. Do you mind if I ask where the recurrence was? I noticed that you said they were going to remove other organs in this surgery. Is that because it has spread?

Take comfort in the fact that you have been beating this for 11 years! Thats fabulous & I wish you many more years.

Anonymous user (not verified)

Hello and I am so sorry to hear of yet another recurrence for your husband. Yet despite it all, it appears that he has and hopefully will continue to beat the odds. I know there are many people out there just hoping that they too have more years and the fact that your husband has had 11 years after initial diagnosis is a tremendous credit to the human spirit for preservation. I personally salute you both and admire you greatly for the courageous battle that you have and will continue to fight. Hang in there as you have. This is just another "minor" set back. I'll be praying for you both.

Monika, caregiver to Bert diagnosed stage III with 4 lymph nodes involved 7/03 On 5fu/leucavorin through 12/03...switched oncologists and; put on 5fu/leucavorin/oxaliplatin as considered high risk. To date, still on chemo...all scans continue to remain clean...including latest colonoscopy (4/04

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Joined: Apr 2004

Ben was first dx in 93 with stage 3
they are saying he will recieve oxaliplatin and a mixture of one of those new drugs FDA just approved. Whether he can tolerate this is yet to be know but I will say he is far sicker then I have ever seen him in all those years so I am really scared this time..
KrisS Ben found CPT11 very hard it seems to be one of the ruffer chemos
Vanser yes it has spread to organ within his pelvic he has 2 tumors one in the rectum and one in his pelvic at the end of his kidney

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Our prayers and thoughts are with you. Never give up hope - you never know when the drugs will just dig in and work wonders. Stay positive because you have not lost the battle yet! Keep in touch. I'm so sorry you and your husband have had such a hard time.

Be strong.


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Joined: Dec 2003

I'm sorry to hear of your husband's recurrance; it is understandably devastating news, but what fighters you both must be! You'll both be in my thoughts. Wishing you hope in managing this time, and comfort in the fact that we are all pulling for you. Keep us posted, Judy

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