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Newly diagnosed husband with Lung Cancer

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My husband was recently diagnosed with stage III B Lung Cancer. He is taking chemo and radiation treatments. He is on Taxol and Carboplatin and has this treatment once a week. He has had six treatments and 22 radiaiton treatments. I feel he is handling it well but I just need to feel that these kinds of treatments are what he needs. I read so much about other chemo like Iressa and Gemzar. I know like everyone one of you that write in wants to know that we are doing everything we can for our loved one. I guess not knowing is the hardest. I just would like feedback from anyone that can relate to this non small cell lung cancer. He is 59 years old and I don't know what to expect. Just totally reaching out for some support because I don't know the survival rates of time or know what to expect down the road. Testimonies from anyone would be helpful.

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My dad is 57 years old and he will be starting his radiation and chemo treatments next week. He to has stage 3 non small cell lung cancer. I believe in my heart that the teams of doctors working with your husband and my dad are using the best most effective treatments.---Good luck my prayers and thoughts are with you.

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My 54 yr old husband was diagnosed with stage 3 non small cell lung cancer in December...exactly 3 days before we left on our Florida vacation. He was hospitalized in Fla with pnemonia for 4 days. He has since finished 33 radiation treatments, but the dr. said he is not a candidate for chemo. His immune system could not handle it, since he also has lung disease. He is on prednisone, and is experiencing alot of congestion. I just feel as though we should be doing something rather than just waiting 3 months for another ct scan. The prognosis was very poor....only 1 yr max, but I refuse to believe it. at the end of the radiation, the dr said that the cancer was inactive, which we thought was great news. When we met with the oncologist, he stated that it still was very serious. He really brought our attitudes down. Any ideas as to what we should do next? Thanks for the help....

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hi annie..myhubby was recently diagnosed with the same thing.. we are waiting for results from pet scan and will see doc on tues. june 8 for results.. his is inoperable.. its all so overwhelming cuz u dont know what to expect.. i would love to hear from you.. if you care to e mail me stelor4@aol.com ..maybe we can give each other support

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I am 62 year old male, stage IIB. Jan 04 had surgery to remove upper lobe left lung. Started radiation soon after discharge 23 Jan; finished 34 tretment 23 Mar 04. After much research and consultation with a Medical Oncologist, decided not to do chemo. I am still working, and weighed the potential side effects of chemo against quality of life and considered the gains offered by chemo with radiation as defined in reports through ACS web sites. The thing is, numbers are just that; you never know what percentage group you may be or move into. Taking the action you feel best with and having confidence in that decision strengthens attitude and that within the individual is what can make a great deal of difference. I am movin ahead, confident I'll make it into the "cured" group. Having said that though, I sure want to get all the checks, tests, and treatments that could help me beat the numbers. Wish your husband and you the best.

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In May, '01, I was diagnosed w/NSCLC, Stage IV. I was treated with Taxol and Carboplatin, along with daily radiation. It put me "through the wringer", but it wasn't as bad as I expected. The tumor shrank by 75% and was removed surgically, along with 40% of my right lung. I'm doing well, now, and just went from 3-month to 6-month check-ups. I was 67 when diagnosed, and will turn 70 next month.
Have faith in the medical team and keep a positive attitude. Numbers, such as prognosis percentages, etc, are statistics, and can be made to say what is needed to be said. Don't pay any attention to them. Your husband should fight for all he's worth. This can be beaten! Look at the name of this website - Cancer SURVIVORS Network. We did it, - so can he!

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I am 36 and was DX April 2002 with stage 3b NSCLC
I too had taxol/carbo and the radiation, I currently am on Taxotere, I also have had gemzar and navelbine, out of the two years I have had this cancer I have had only four months that I did not have to have chemo. I know it sounds like alot of chemo and treatments but this is what is keeping me alive along with my faith in GOD that he will let me raise my kids who are 14 and 8. You need to keep positive and play an active part in your treatment, keep informed and educated. I will pray for you..Jackie

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I turned 39 in February. I was diagnosed with Small Cell on my birthday in Feb 2002. God is keeping me alive. My last treatment was 36 rads in Oct 2002. The tumor is still there but its nt doing anything anymore. They wanted me to do more chemo and stuff but I said enough. UNCLE!!! :) God will keep you alive. In the bible it says John 14:13 WHATEVER you ask. You just believe it. By his stripes we ARE healed not might be healed. We just have to stand on it.

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Im a 55 year old male. I had my left lung removed in Oct. of 02. I had carboplatin and taxol for chemo & daily radiation for 5 weeks prior to surgery. I am starting to feel better and enjoying life. Good Luck

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Just wanted to touch base with you on your experiences. My hausbad has the mass in his upper right lobe and is enveloping around his trachea. He had a CT Scan done a couple of weeks ago and the tumor is shrinking. He will be doing more radiation to pinpoint it and continue chemo. I don't know if it will get to the point of where they can so surgery. The surgoen said if it shrinks down enough possibly but I think he had the doubts. What were you told and how involved is you cancer? Do you feel the Taxol and Carb was the best for you? Do you have more treatments to go thru now? or how long before checkups? I am so glad you are feeling better and I know what you mean about enjoying life. This is a life changing thing and I find we both have looked at life differently and that priorities do change. I am only new to this discussion group but have found out in reading other testimonie that there is alot of hope and there are alot going thru the similar experiences. My best to you and you are in my prayers and thank you for your input. Elaine

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hi my name is kayona. i am sorry to hear about your husband. i also had lung cancer,i had 25rad treatments 3prechemo left lung taken out an 3post chemo tratments. i am doing fine at this time.i had non small cell. i am 40 years old. the most important thing i can say is trust in god ask him to help. i can honestly say i believe thats why i am here today. if you need to talk email me at bkm@xtn.net god bless.

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