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Hiya guys-well--back from our great holiday-just got home and the first thing I did tonight was come see you guys!!!!!
You must excuse me for not readin all the topics in the last 4 weeks--hey guys-fair go--I'll read every one of them!
Just gunna take a while is all!
Great to hear Bert's colonoscopy(I call it anal invasion-he he!) has been blessed with good results Monika.
We really have been thinkin bout yu all guys--now we can get back to some serious discussion and hopefully I can gain some info on our new friends here that joined us while Jen n I were away.
Me?--well-healthwise , not too bad but as would be expected am glad to be home but VERY tired after 6,000 ks of travellin.The chemo residue knocked me about a fair bit so had to take it easy some days but nonetheless the holiday was great 4 both of us.

I have more tests coming on the 27th of April so not really lookin fward to that but--ah guess if ah must --ah must--grrrrr!
I'm gunna check out all the posts left here( for the past 4 weeks) in the next coupla days so you all be waiting to hear from me.

Our luv to all and be as well as can be expected!
kanga n Jen

"back from sugar land(Queensland) and home in upside down land!"

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You really hit the ground running, Kanga. Logging on the second you get in the house and replying to everyone. Welcome back. We missed you.
SpongeBob is entirely too serious these days. Maybe it's the pressure of running his little navy. I tried to take up the slack but really need someone to bounce up against--laughwise, that is.
Aspaysia, who can't wait to trade quips with a worthy adversary. Get some rest.

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Just not drinking enough....

- SeriousBob

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Hi Kanga! Glad to hear you had a wonderful trip. You and Jen absolutely deserved to get away. I surely missed your words of wisdom and especially your humor.
I'm sure you'll do fine with your tests on the 27th. I recently saw a play at a local community theater and one the songs from the play was "Calm, Upbeat and Posivite" I think that should be our montra. What do you think?
Take care and get some rest.

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Hey ya kanga,

SOOOO glad you are home safe and sound! Asp is right...we need some levity around here.

Bounce back in here sooon. Hope you took speed reading classes.

peace, emily who is waiting with anticipation to laugh off hinder soon.....hurry

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So glad you are back. Hope you had a wonderful trip. I will be gone from April 27 through May 20 - to Italy and then Eastern Europe. I haven't been there for 4 years and I have been wanting to get back. So I will be out of pocket for a while after April 27.

Kanga, I am so glad you are doing well. Next year it is my goal to get down under to Australia. We will keep in touch.


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Hi Kanga ,From another Aussie Semi colon. I live at Mooloolaba on the Sunshine Coast. Don't have much to do with ca anymore ,Officially cured (nearly seven years ex st 3 colon with six pos nodes)and living as normal a life as possible. Good luck with your battle ,Ron

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Posts: 2115
Joined: Feb 2004

Awwww--geeee--didn't think yu would miss me so much guys!
Hiya Aspaysia--err-told a lie--had to say hi to my "baby" first--Tessie--me cat!
Then I went to the can 'cos nature was badsly callin after 2 hours on the bike.
Then I made a cuppa while the puta got fired up!--yu guys came in 4th--he he!
SB bin swingin the sword?--huh?
"Rest?"--it's my second day home n I been asleep for most of it-gotta get Jen to knock up another coffee!

Hi Carolyn-since when did any of my writings get listed for "words of wisdom" on the stock exchange?--does that mean I am a rich man!Hope you are doin ok girl!

Hey Emily--last time I took part in a "levitation" I was put on a hospital gurney n some bugger stuck me with a knife-I woke up with a non-working epidural which caused me so much pain I LEVITATED off the intensive care bed--epidural "sucks".
'kanga--one who is going blind from chemo brain --he he"

Hiya Kerry--yuk---ahh hates Italian food!!!!!-but yu can bring me back a vino or two n come "down under" for a spell n annoy the hell outa me n Jen--yu keep in touch now!Yu can always drop in here for a stay of OZZIE hospitality!===but bring the vino!

Hey Ron!---geez---nother orzie!I was just past your place a coupla weeks ago on our east coast trip--how come yu no offer a beer or two?--he he!Anyway--nice to see another "upside downer" on here mate.Great to hear yu have beaten the demon!
Scroll up for another topic mate--will head it "4 Ron"

Thanks for the welcome back guys--so great to be home--now I can give yu all curry--he he lol!
kanga n Jen

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Kanga & Jen
So glad you are back safe and sound(?) we all have missed you. Sorry you missed the TV debu of SB, Stacey& Judy, But I'm sure SB has a copy he can send you(signed of course). Catch up on your rest.

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Hi Kanga and Jen,
Glad to hear the trip went well. I can't wait to celebrate my end of chemo with a trip...sooo many choices, but I do want to wait until I don't need 2 long naps each day!
This board has been a very busy place; it's hard to keep up with the posts even reading each day...good luck with catching up.
It's great to be able to read your posts again. Hang in there, and good luck with yur tests, Judy

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Hi there- great to hear from you. I'm still envious. Rest up and good luck on those tests. I'm betting they will turn out great.


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