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The Long Goodbye...

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Hey, y'all. Check out my tribute to our favorite character (cartoon or otherwise)at following page: He has a hard time staying out of trouble. http://au.geocities.com/aspaysia/Orchidfever.html

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Was that our very own "SpongeBob?" Very cute!!

Hey Sponge, you are quite a celebrity now!


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Aspaysia, you are too much. Loved the dog, too. Has SB seen this yet? I keep chuckling everytime I think of it; and I'm proud to say I was actually able to enter the longest e-mail address in the country despite my chemo fingers! I have pics of Stacey and SB and me with Sharon O, but I have yet to figure out how to download my dig pics into the computer...and THEN send them. They all come out 3 screens big! someday...J

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Hey Aspaysia....I've tried accessing the site three, four times and everytime it comes back saying site not availble. I've double and triple checked webpage address...even copied and pasted and can't get there. Don't want to miss this like I did the Sharon Osborne show :o(


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I just checked and it still works. It would be easier if CSN were more user friendly. Not only do we get this stingy reply window they do not highlight the URLs so people can click on the link instead of copying. I can explain how to paste the addy but any teenager could show you in seconds. Barring access to some kid under 15 years of age you could send me your e-mail and get the website in hypertext. Then it's point and click. Et voila. The SpongeBob Show. He is very naughty in this episode.
Aspaysia, the cut and paste Queen cannot explain how she does it.

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I can't access the page either, and I am
quivering with anticipation!! Will be e-mailing you with my e-mail address.


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