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It has been 9 months post RP. I went through the usual suspects to address the ED - Viagra, Cialis, and even the injections. The pills were ineffective and the injections worked in the doctor's office, but failed at home. After a few days of deep contemplation, I went back to viagra. It was like everything was reset to BEFORE the RP. The erection was great and lasted. After a rest, a second round of activity - and now I write this note as my wife sleeps. I do not know if this was a fluke, but it has done a great deal to clear my head. For the first time in 9 months, I have tangible evidence that some semblance of normalcy can be achieved.

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I am so glad to hear of your progress. Sometimes we get a little impatient over how our progress is moving. I'm sure now that, with a positive mental attitude, your move toward normalcy will only improve.

Again, Congrats.


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