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Radical Abdominal Trachelectomy

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Joined: Mar 2004

I am looking for any women that have had this operation.

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Joined: Apr 2004

I had a laparoscopic radical trachelectomy. I know it's not the same, but maybe I can help. Let me know.


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Joined: Sep 2004

I am newly diagnosed with cervical cancer and it is adenocarcinoma. Cone biopsy shows 6.11 mm x 11mm, therefore I think a stage IB? I am searching for IB, or similar, survivors to tell me about their treatment experience, results, side effects, etc. I am 51, so not worried about having additional children. I am looking for all my treatment options, so your (survivors) experience is critical. My doctor is suggesting a radical and removing everything including some 36 lymph nodes. Tell me more about the radical abdominal trachelectomy.

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Joined: Aug 2004

Hi Amata,
I was diagnosed with Cervical cancer (adenocarcinoma ) recently. I am being offered a radical hysterectomy as the standard treatment but also have been told about the radical abdominal trachlectomy.
Did you have this treatment? Or did you manage to find anything about it?
my tumour is 2.5cm stage 1b1. Would really appreciate any information you may have. I have to make a decision soon.
Hope this mail finds you well.
Caroline UK

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Joined: May 2006

I had it...it will be two years ago next month. I was the 2nd person in Oklahoma and just about the 100th in the US to have it done. What would you like to know???

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Joined: Apr 2005

Hello. You had the tracelectomy? I had stage 1 a year ago and I currently am dealing with the news of another abnormal pap showing pretty much the same thing. I was treated with a cond but obviously that did not do it. Please let me know more about the trac and what happens after. Thanks a lot.

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