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Im so alone

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I'm 17, and ever since I was 14 I've had severely painfull menstrul cycles to the point where I would pass out. I went to the doctor after they got to be too much 4 months ago. I was diagnosed with cervical cancer and severe endometriosis and multiple cysts. I was so scared.. Tonight I went onto a chatroom on aol called womens health because I've found a lump in my uteris about 2 inches in that in the past three days has grown to the size of a quarter. I asked what it was. After explaining that my doctor put me on menopause by a series of shots called luprin, I was called a liar and that I was a rat. They made me out to be a **** and begged me to leave. I've been having such bad mood swings and I havent been able to stop crying. No one will believe me and no one is there for me it seems. I'm only 17! I'm scared, I'm just a little girl.

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you are not alone. the doctors wouldn't listen to me at first either b/c i'm HIV+. they all tried to tell me that it was just the virus. i pushed for answers until i got them. they weren't the answers i wanted but at least now i know. i can start making decisions about treatment before it's too late. don't let anyone stop you from finding out whats going on with you. if you need to,switch doctors.you know your body better than anyone and only you know when something is not right.

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Kiera, see another physician immediately - if you cant - go to the ER of a Medical College Hospital for help. If insurance is an issue - they will still treat you because that is how they learn. Plus you get really good physicians.

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Kiera, GO TO ANOTHER DOCTOR! And keep going until you get answers. They do not have a right to treat you like that! And you are not alone. You have support and prayers from here.

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Your not alone. I was only 26 and only had one lover in my life, my husband, and I still got cervical cancer. I was scared too. We all are. YOUR NOT ALONE !!
Find another doctor. A teaching hospital is best.
I was told by my cancer specialist that girls as young as 12 are being diagnosed with cervical cancer. It does not care about the age. It is something that every female should look at seriously.
I'm 42 now and still battle the cancer. email me lesia_p7@yahoo.com

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