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need help with digestion

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I'm a stage IIIc ovarian cancer patient opererated on in February 2002. I am currently undergoing chemo for the past 18 months... I develop large amounts of ascites and have been tapped 5 times. I have tried many alternative diets, but constantly have nausea with vomitting and severe gas pains, I am looking for someone with similar symptoms who can give me some advice. I am losing weight quickly and need to be able to keep down a steady diet and hydration. Any information is much appreciate, please email me at foamme@optonline.net or reply to this post. thank you.

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Hi ellen,

I hope you've discussed the nausea with your doctors. Have they suggested any anti-nausea agents for you to use?

The gas pains could well be a result of a hysterectomy, but having a less gas-producing diet could help lessen them.

Have you looked at this site for diet suggestions? It's terribly important to maintain a good eating regimine to help you regain your health.

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hi ellen,
I was diagnosis with ovca august '03 and finish my chemo in january 04. For an upset belly I would drink ginger/lemon tea. It would calm by belly down within minutes. Or you could try eating fresh ginger. Also, plain yogurt helps my digestion big time. I now have yogurt first thing in the morning. Try and buy the best brand yogurt that is also fat free. Also parsley works wonders on the digestion. all the best, j

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