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Need some support

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Joined: Mar 2004

I have been diagnosed with papillary thyroid cancer. Had surgery for total thyroid removal (March 2003). The doctor took out 10 lymph nodes and 8 were infected with cancer. I have been through 2 radioactive iodine treatments. I am scheduled for my body scan in June. I just found 2 lumps in my neck. I went to go and see the doctor and he is refering me to a neck and head surgeon. I am scared. Is there anyone who can shed some light on my situation? or has had similar experience and can give me insight as to what to expect? Thanks, Annette

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Joined: Dec 2003

hi I have papillary thyroid cancer too, and was had my thyroid removed Jan. of 2003. I went to my endocrine doctor just a month ago and they found some lumps in my throat too. I know it's scary, waiting is the worst part! How come you have to wait until June to get the scan? I'm doing the low-sodium diet right now and getting the Throgen inj. this wk, followed with the radioactive iodine pill.. My scan is on Fri. and that will tell me if I have to go in for a larger dose of radioactive iodine next Mon. I was just wondering why you have to wait that long, and what was the doctor's reasoning for that? How big was the lumps? Did you have a sore thoat too? Maybe you need to get another doctor's opioin to see if you should get that scan done any sooner.. This type of cancer spreads slowly so it would be nice to get it checked out now.. Hang in there..

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Joined: Mar 2004

Hi. The reason why I have to wait until June is that my last radioactive iodine treatment was just recently this past Thanksgiving weekend. And I'm sure your familiar with the procedure, you wait approximately 6 months (which my six months will be in June) and then another body scan will show if the radioactive iodine has taken care of all the cancer. I went to go see my endo today and he is scheduling for a ultra sound, chest xray and MRI. This way instead of waiting to do the body scan and going through the prep of doing the low iodine diet and being off the meds, he will get a quicker result with the testing. Thank you for your support and suggestions. Yes, the worst part is waiting. I hope your situation goes well also. Are you getting ready for the RAI because your doctors concluded that the cancer has reoccured? My initial discovery of the lumps was just a few weeks ago. I didn't have a sore throat. The lumps are about as big as a peanut. You hang in there as well. Email me if you like. I would be glad to correspond with you. skrtsqrl@aol.com

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Joined: Mar 2004

Hi. I am Richard. I had papillary thyroid cancer in 1969 and had my whole thyroid removed along with some adjacent lymph nodes. Then I-131 twice over the next couple of years. I am today, some 35 years later, healthy, happy and very thankful to God. I know all of you worry. You can't help but worry. Please put it in perspective, though. This cancer is very treatable and cureable. Richard

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Joined: May 2003

HI I have been diagnosed w/papillary cancer april 2003 and I was 39 years old, had my surg 5/20/03 and July 15 for my Radioactive Iodine. I thought once I have the thyroid removed and did the Radiocative Iodine treatment everything will be fine, but i guess not because right now I start to feel some lump on the base of my rigt neck, I haven't seen my endo yet bur i have an appointment tomorrow with my primay md, does anyone here have the same problem??? I am feeling depressed again and don't know what to do. My son is only 2 years old and I want to see him grow.... I need help and support please.... thank you and god bless!!

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