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2 years today!!!!

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Lisa Rose
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Hi Everyone,

Today is a celebration of life!!

It's 2 years today since I had my surgery for a stage 3 rectal cancer with 10 positive lymph nodes. So far I feel great and everything appears to be normal. I was never much of a writer so I never posted a lot, but I came here everyday to see how all of you were doing. I just wanted to Thank You all for being here ( not that any of you want to be here either ) you are a # 1 support group. Hats Of To All ! To Stacy you are my inspiration and I wish you the best always.

Cheers To All The Semi-Colons !!

With Love to You All,


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LISA!!!!!!!!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!

You know I am SO happy for you! Although we've only known each other through this experience, I feel I have found a good friend! I am truly honored that you consider me to be your inspiration. You are exactly that to me. We have SO much in common that it's almost scary!

Have a wonderful weekend, I'll be e-mailing you some new pics soon!

Best of everything to you!


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GREAT News, Lisa, and thank you for letting us know. I'm half way through my chemo for stage 3, and hoping for results like yours.
You're right about this board. I feel uplifted every time I visit this site. Judy

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Hi Lisa,

I had my surgery for stage 111 colon cancer one year ago Dec. 21, 2003 with 2 positive nodes! These milestones we make are so important and encouraging to others out there who have just been diagnosed. I am so happy for you.

It is so amazing how the "C" word changes our lives and how differently we look at life. Last spring I was on chemo and felt awful and didn't really enjoy the beauty of the season. This year I walk around the yard totally absorbed in the beauty of all the new life in the springtime.

Beating this disease is the Springtime in our lives when all things are new! Take care.


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Lisa Rose, wonderful, I am so happy for you. Hope you have many, many, more celebrations. It so uplifting to hear this type of news. It has been one year this month that my husband Hunt was dx with stage 4. The doctor said "very aggressive" cancer. He is fighting and he is positive. He was scan March 19 and we are waiting for results. I get so much from the posting and readings at this site, I check it everyday and read it all, maybe twice. Your news is great. Loving Thoughts and Prayers. Yvonne

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Lisa Rose
Posts: 597
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Congratulations! Enjoy and may you have many, many years of good reports to follow.


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Rest assured all of your Semi Colons (the name you christened us with will live in infamy, by the way) are doing the happy dance for you! Whhoooo Hooooo!

- SB

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Congratulations on a most happy day. And furthermore thanks for the inspiration to continue to press on in the battle towards remission! Wishing you many more anniversaries of the celebration of life!!

Anonymous user (not verified)

Way to go!!! Rah, Rah, sisboombah! Keep it up and we'll count the years together.

Monika who partying and celebrating life with her dear Bert in crazy hot L.A. (rediculous....90 degrees in March...what is the world coming too). I guess my cold birth country and raised in cold country roots are coming through :o)

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Lisa Rose
Posts: 597
Joined: Mar 2003

Hi Everyone,

Again I want to thank you all for your kind wishes! I hope together we will all count many more years and celebrate the milestones together.

Monikaz& Bert
If you were here in Moncton yesterday we had a futher 10-15cm or 4-6inches of snow to the loads we already have. Our daytime high temp was -1to-3 or(27to30F). WISHING I WAS IN SUNNY WARM CALIFORNIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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CONGRATULATIONS!!! I had surgery for Stage III almost one year ago. I cannot wait till I hit the 2 year celebration mark - that will be a biggy for me. BUT - I'm looking forward to celebrating one year (on April 10). Meanwhile, I just try to find as many excuses to celebrate as is possible!

You're doing great! Congratulations!


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