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Radioactive seed implants

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I underwent radioactive seed implants (93-Iodine 125 seeds) in mid-May 2003. PSA had gone down and urologist is satisified. My problem is related to unination and the urge to urinate. The urge comes on very quickly and I have difficulty holding it. Sometime the urge is so strong that I become incontinent. What can be done to improve the situation? Is there anyone who has had similar concerns? If so, what helped you.

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Had only 52 radiated seeds, had Lupron prior to implant. It physically reduced the size of the prostate thus, the amount of seeds required is based in part on the size so ..... I only had a minimal amount of the symptoms you are having.

Doctor was able to give me something that actually did help. I still had to go but was able to pull over or get to the john in time where before it was a small diaper.

All in all, it will take time I believe. Your doctor can also run a scope up your urethea and look for any scar tissue which may not allow the bladder to shut off causing this leakage? It doesn't hurt, is in his office and takes about 5 minutes if the medication does not work after a proper amount of time for healing.
Possibly some other member can give you more input but hope this helps.

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A drug called Terazosin is used to guarantee a good night's sleep (free from urination). It is given to radiation patients. I used it and it works.

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