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Possible liver metastis

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Can anyone tell me what I can do? I was diagnosed 2 years ago and they have yet to give me a clean bill of help. They have been looking at my liver for about a year. They first found a couple of spots that were tiny on my liver;a couple of months after that it was a dime size. Then for about 6 months they were stable. Now, my CEA levels are gradually rising and I know that I have these spots (not only on my liver now but there are two on my lungs, also) and I have read that a slowly rising CEA level usually indicates recurrance somewhere. What should I do? I am VERY AFRAID that I will have to go through this again. I'm scared!!! Can anyone help me??? Michele

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What was your stage 2 years ago?? What treatment did you have? Are you back on chemo? You have lots of questions for your doctor and lots of answers to expect from him - other option, find another doctor who will give you answers. Spots need to be tended to!! Good luck.


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My original diagnosis was a 3.There were a few lymph nodes touched that he had to remove. Since my last message to you. I have found a lump about two inches long and 1 inch wide and he said that it could be a small hernia starting but he didn't run any tests. He just poked around the spot. I was told that an ultrasound could have told him whether or not it was a hernia. Should I have asked for one. Thanks. Michele

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Michele -

Have you had a PET scan? That can tell you if you have something active going on.

- SB

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No what is that?

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Michele: My hubby was dx one year ago, stage 4 colon cancer. He was treated with the 5fu and lu and camptosar for 6 months, clean for 45 days, his CEA went up, he was scanned and liver spots returned. He start immediately on oxaliplatin (eloxatin) He has had 6 treatments and now going to be scanned. Our onc. insisted to start treatment immediately, and we agreed. Why haven't your doctors preceeded with some testing, treatment? I would demand some answers, please do not wait too long. Prayers and concern for you. Schoolgirl (Yvonne)

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Push your Dr to scan and check everything. Some Dr's are not as attentive as they should be. My aunt is going through the same thing and I question everything. Even though he doesn't always answer in detail. It doesn't hurt to question the professional...good luck and god bless!

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My husband has a colon tumor which is cancer a CEA test of 98 and metatisized to the liver and these are cancer also. What options do we have?
Surgery to remove the colon tumor and chemo? What chem drugs are most aggressive? Would appreciate your help? mjwhs

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