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Thanks for the responses

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Thanks to all who took time to respond to my question about working or not during chemo. The day I posted, I was home following another bout of diarrhea, and generally feeling quite lousy and fatigued. In the last 2 weeks I have received 2 procrit injections and my hematocrit has bounced back; I feel somewhat more energetic.
It is clear from each person's response that there is no right or wrong answer...(well, duh!) I am trying to listen to my body and my spirit, and conserve my energy for the important things...and the most important right now is fighting this disease.
For now, I have decided to try to keep to my 4 day schedule, accepting the fact that I will not go in on days I feel not up to it. I enjoy much about my job and do feel distracted from this cancer stuff and enjoy the support of my colleagues.
I plan to take a week or so off between each course, which I found very helpful last month. I am also ready to change these plans if my body thinks otherwise. So....thanks for all your support, wishing us all continued hope, Judy

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Right on, Judy!

Your body will tell you when it's ready to take on more. Rumor has it that dragon fighting rather takes a toll on a body!

Be well and keep listening to that inner voice.

- SpongeBob

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I am glad to hear that you are feeling a bit better.

It sounds like you have come up with a good plan. It would seem a shame, if you can handle the schedule, to completely give up something that you enjoy so much.

Best wishes,


Anonymous user (not verified)

Hi Judy:

Good to hear that you are feeling better. As Sponge says, fighting this dragon does take it's toll and that toll is different for each one of us. Judy know's Judy best and only Judy can decide what's good for Judy.

Keep plugging along girl!

Monika who's at work wishing she could go home right now. :-)

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Monika - You're starting to sound like Cary Grant; "Judy, Judy, Judy"!

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It sounds like you really have thought this out and are listening to what your body is telling you. That's the most important. Good luck!

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Chemo can be a real bear. It stinks. It mauls. Then it sits on you until you cannot get up. But you do get up and go back for more. Right here is a good vein. What do you mean it's rolling. OK try another. Grrrr!

I did not even try to work during chemo and yet it was so enervating that I slept more than my cat. Neither did I have the energy to pretend that everything is hunky dunky and don't worry about little old me. Some days I wanted to tell all the people who were fussing over me to "Kiss my *** and go to Hell!" Nice talk, eh? Well, that's just the way I felt. On the inside.

"Where I am, I don't know, I'll never know, in the silence you don't know, you must go on, I can't go on, I'll go on." The Unnamable by Samuel Beckett

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Well done Judy--my onc had the best advice--"do what you can when you can"--if you are able to work-fine--if not then hopefully your work colleages will support you when you are unable to!
I really admire you Judy.Even though I am retired I found it very hard on chemo to motivate myself--you have so much guts babe!

BTW--yu reckon yu could spare a few days to come on holi's with us--2 days to go!
Luv yah n leavin yah!!!!!!!!!!

kanga n Jen

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