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Ahoy and avast ye Scurrvies!

Greeting to you from the US Coast Guard Academy in beautiful New London, CT - a quaint little New England Hamlet nestled along the Thames River near Mystic. I am having a lubber-ly time (freezing my arse off) hanging out in class, drinking coffee and spiced rum and trading salty talk with my fellow sailors (known as "Cuttermen" in the Coast Guard vernacular).

One more week of school then it's back to DC for a week or so then south to Mississippi and WARMTH!

Sounds like everyone is doing well - pjenks, GREAT NEWS ABOUT YOUR HUBBY! Well, Captain Morgan is calling!

Be well mateys!

- SpongeBob

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Ahoy yerself SB! We miss youse around heya.

Getting pissed as a newt are ye now sailor?

Say 'ello to the Cap'n fer me.

peace, yer matey

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Hey SB
Glad to hear from you. Hope you don't freeze to much, just keep visiting the captain and tell him hello for me. Kanga is holding down the fort for you and doing a good job LOL. Write soon we still love ya.

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You almost lost your post, because others wanted to take your place in the discussion.

We miss you

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Hey SB,
Good to here from you. Those cuttermen must be amused and amazed by your presence in their midst. Mystic is a lovely city...at least your not off the coast of northern Maine searching for icebergs, and isn't the south getting record snow these days anyway? It's 50 degrees here in Boston! spring will soon be sprung...take care and keep in touch. Judy

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does Mississipi have navy boats? (er, ships..) Don't
worry about losing your well earned place-there are plenty of SB wannabes, but no one can replace the real article.. Bud

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I can jest see yu guys yellin "hang that kanga scurvy dorg from the yardarm!"
Lordy Spongebob!===ah was just tryin to cheer em all up while yu was AWOL then yu come back to taunt me--lol
Jest 'cos us Orzies hang upside down doesn't mean we can't ty a knot/ tell a salty or 2.
Sure nice to hear yah mumblin again Spongebob and Jen and me are rootin for yah mate--don't yu go overdoin it---I remember the life of a sailor in me younger days--takin quiet cruises along the coast here with the spyglass out checking out the "local flesh"---now if the weather over there is a tad cold there just can't be too much "flesh" to be spyin on?
Sorry if kanga has offended the ladies here but a man sailin the coast on a warm 30 deg. day would be mad not check out the local class--errrrr---DO NOT TELL JEN!--HE HE
on a serious note--be good n safe Bob!!!!!
cheers n a beer or two mate!
kanga n Jen

ps--Hey Pattie----ammmm doin me best!!!!--holdin tha fort down--lol

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Posts: 2598
Joined: Apr 2003

Wow - replying to his own e-mail (this dude has issues - is this like talking to oneself?)

Thanks for the comebacks you guys - all the semi-colons ROCK!

More soon!

- SB

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