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support group

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I just wanted to say thanks for welcoming me to this site. I am starting to go to a suppot group tonight and I am not sure what this will be like. Do any of you attend a support group other then this web page? Well wish me luck.

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Hi Judy, I do not go to an organized support group, however I do have many friends who are cancer survivors and we talk within ourselves - some are breast cancer, lymphoma, kidney cancer, etc. I have found that staying active in my "normal" activities during my chemo and after has helped me overcome. My internist (who is also a colon cancer survivor) has given me a prescription of Lexepro, which is a mild antidepressant. Never thought I would need those, but it really has helped with the weepiness sometimes. Remember, it is normal and healthy to be angry and scared. Do whatever helps you overcome these feelings and deal with this disease. I don't know what stage you were disgnosed, but you will hear a lot of incredible stories of survivorship. Get in touch with your local Am. Cancer Society. I have volunteered to work on the big fundraiser this year!!

Whenever you need to talk, someone will be here to listen and reply. Good luck with your other support group - I hope is works for you!!


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Hi Judy! I don't go to an organized support group, although there are several locally, mainly because I am a very shy person and wouldn't open my mouth if I went to one of those groups. I find these discussion boards "safe". I can sit here and cry and no one sees me, or I can sit here and laugh out loud (see Aspaysia's "filling the maestro's boots" for a good laugh) and I don't bother anyone. I do recommend this website to everyone, however, because I have found a lot of answers to my questions and I find a lot of support here. My grandmother ended up with an ileostomy after colon cancer, and my mom (also named Judy)goes to an ostomy support group for ostomy patients, their friends and family and it helped her a lot. Good luck to you!!

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Hi Judy--I don't go to a suport group either but find a lot of support here too.It is great to talk to all on here.
I found it best when talking to friends to be open about my cancer and they have al;l been great.
Initially it is sometimes difficult for some friends to talk about it but when I tell them I am not a "walking sympathy getter" they all laugh and feel a bit easier.Yes- it is difficult for them--they find it hard to talk about it at first but soon loosen up when they realise I don't mind talking.
best of our luv, kanga n Jen

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Ahoy, Judy -

Ya know.... I did go to a group therapy thing for several months after I started chemo. It wasn't a cancer group per se. It seemed to be more of a divorce group (which I also fit into since my ex served my papers to me at the hospital shortly after my surgery) and a lost loved ones group (which I also fit into because I lost my dad to cancer two weeks before my diagnosis). I was sort of their poster child. I seemed to spend more time telling people to quit feeling sorry for themselves and to get out and enjoy their life than I did getting info and good karma from the other members - so I quit. They just depressed me! I have found the discussion board here to be extremely cathartic. There is just something about being ralatively anonymous and being able to sound off to folks who understand EXACTLY where you're at. beside this is an absolutely hallarious group of skallywags and polly-wogs!

Good advice from Kerry to check with your local ACS about a local support group. I know they have them.

Hang in there - and remember; you're ALWAYS a semi-colon!

- SpongeBob

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