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Is my Onc being optimistic?

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Hello all,

I am new to this board and a recent inductee into the semi colon club. I was diagnosed with Colon Cancer on 12/19/03 and underwent surgery on 12/23. So now I am waiting to start radiation and chemo treatment after my surgery has healed.

I am a 46 years old and my Onc says that I have an excellent chance of beating this with only 8 months of treatment because I am fairly young and healthy. Here is the thing he said that I had 23 lymph nodes that were infected (excuse spelling here) Mestatysis and another type of mest' as my tumor had perforated and then spread by touching both my abdomen and pelvis.

I have read many of the posts on this board and I guess 23 lymph nodes infected is a lot. But as I said my oncologist seems very optimistic.

Any thoughts?

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Hi pleach,
Welcome to the club, and believe your oncologist when s/he is optimistic. I was diagnosed 11/03, surgery 12/03 and now into chemo. My surgery found 1 node, but my onc also was clear that adenocarcinomas can be beat. You'll hear from others who have had some of the newer chemo agents. I've learned as much about this disease from this site as I have from my MD's. Hang in there and continue to heal. Judy

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I don't know if he's being optimistic or not. My Oncologist doesn't give me much optimism (I'm a Stage IV Colon Cancer). I get my optimism from my friends who have done the walk and my faith. The statistics are never kind if you're a Stage IV. I had a tumor with good margins removed in November. Because I had 4 lymph nodes and a liver full of little buggars, I am undergoing hardcore chemo every two weeks. I am working toward surviving long-term ... my Oncologist doesn't seem to be able to get onboard with my hopefulness ... yours does. So, whether he's being an optimist to promote your optimism or whether he truly believes you will survive long term, who knows. Do your homework, keep your chin up, keep the faith intact, and keep your eyes on the newest research. Feel lucky somebody is being optimistic with you.


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Sounds to me like you have a good oncologist. I am a stage 4 (yes, I said 4) survivor. I never asked nor was offered a timeline in which to complete this life, so I take each day as it comes. I never felt better, and everything points to a victory for me.

Seriously, do your best to work on staying healthy. Chemo can be rough, so get through that, then regard yourself as officially indestructible!

Best wishes,


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there are a lot of stories here..keep coming back and keep in mind that attitude is everything..life is 10% what happens to you, and 90% how you react to it. You are in charge-plan to outlive your cancer.. A good read for you right now might be "It's Not The Bike" by Lance Armstrong. Bud

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I was diagnosed with colon cancer on 1/19/02 and had surgery on 1/21/02. I went through chemo for 6 months with 5FU, leucovorin, and Camptosar. My stage was (is) Dukes C1, I had 2 lymph nodes that tested positive. Although, taking the extra treatment of the Camptosar was optional I chose it. I have been cancer free for 6 months and feeling great. I must admit that the chemo drugs made me very sick I was willing to go through the months of sickness to add months and years to my life. I wish you the very best and a very long life.

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Hello, I am also new to the board. I am actuallly a nurse. My husband is 42 yr and on Nov. 6 of 03 been diagnosed with dukes d. mets to the lungs and liver and fast spreading. He had no signs of colon cancer. Like you the oncologist is being optimistic. He is doing chemo. Went through cat scans up the gazzo. We find out tommorrow of if he even going to continue chemo. Stage 4 cancer is terminal. Although it can go into remission for some years. What I can suggest is get a cat or pet scan and a second opinion. We are taking trips to enjoy life and the kids.

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i was so glad to read your response, nursery. I have stage 1 lung cancer going into 2. went thru all treatments for stage 1(chemo-radiat)and 2 more weeks of radiation for new tumor found in spine.
now it's a waiting game until i'm strong enough for PET scan to see if it has spread anywhere else. really tired of all the testing. But better they find these son-of-a-guns as soon as possible.
Is anyone else having trouble with nausea/appetite/vomiting? I do take MS Contin for pain.
I'm also still getting pain in my rib cage on the left side where the cancer was found. Cancer is in remission supposedly. Could this still be a carry over from treatments? I was diag. in March, 2003 with small cell carcinoma.

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