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anyone have any suggestions?

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i sent a message awhile ago and thanks to everyone who has replied. however i'm seeking someone who might be going through the same thing as my mother. if anyone knows remedies or any other tricks to relieve phantom pains and the uncomfortable feelings please let me know . thanx again joski

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I wonder if it might be helpful to discuss with your mother's doctor a referral to a pain management specialist. Although much of the simple pain management is often done by the surgeons/oncologists, these people have special expertise in managing people who have not gotten relief from routine therapy.

Hope things go better soon.


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Hi, Joski08 -

I wold suggest you try posting at the "pain" discussion board. There isn't a lot of activity there, but maybe someone can answer your question.

The name of the discussion board is "Pain" (who comes up with these catchy names? Must be Jose, the CSN Guy)

- SB

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