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blood test to screen for colon cancer

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Hi everyone. I wrote to you during the summer when my mom was diagnosed with colon cancer and our family was so devastated. Your positive attitudes and good advice helped us through some very hard weeks. I can't thank you enough for that. You are an exceptional group of people. My mother is doing well except for a couple of bouts with abdominal cramping, which I wrote you about earlier this week. Her last liver scan was clean, and she's in good spirits. I have another question to ask you. My brother-in-law went to his gp for a checkup and asked for a colonoscopy. The doctor recommended,instead, a blood test that will check for abnormalities. The test came back normal so she discouraged the colonoscopy. Does anyone know about this test? It sure sounds a lot easier than a colonoscopy, but it also sounds too good to be true! Thanks for any feedback! Terri

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My fear is that your BIL had a CEA level drawn, and as we all know too well, CEA is not a screening test and is even variable in its ability to moniter colon cancer. Your BIL should insist on the" inside look" of his colon.

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Terri: I went to my doctor a year before being diagnosed with CC, and asked if I should have a colonoscopy..I was advised that it wasn't necessary
unless there was a familiy history. (I was 63 then) A year later, a large rectal tumor was found
during a routine digital exam, and the next thing I knew my rectum was missing, and my plumbing was re-arranged permanently-(colostomy) Tell your BIL to get a 2nd opinion... Bud

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Terri -

Pewter & nanuk hit the nail on the head. Push for the "inside scoop".

When I was 33 I asked for a scope because my mom had recently been Dx-ed with colon cancer and her dad had died from it. I was told I was too young. Four years later I went through the re-plumbing of my innerds like nanuk did. The pathology revealed the tumors were of such a size, they'd been with me for about 4 years.

- SB

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Hi Terri,

Yeah, it probably is too good to be true. One of the many unfortunate aspects of this type of cancer is that the only true way to detect anything is to get it right up the rear...no sugar-coating here! We all want to hear happy healthy news, but the true way to get it is to go through the colon hokey pokey...yes, pun intended!

Make that appointment, and be on the safe side!


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My tumor gave off NO markers so I would have been overlooked too if that was the determination.

Don't be a dope, get the scope! Have no fear, look up the rear! He'll pass some gas after they look up his a$$!

Okay, so I am a bit punchy......... :-)

peace, emily

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