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No one here gets out alive--Jim M.

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I just turned off the tv news in disgust. Every network was yammering about about Michael Jackson's latest brush with the law. Why are they slavering over another celebrity in handcuffs when the real crime is all the milions of people out there lacking adequate insurance. They are forced to fight a cynical industry bent on profits profits profits and more profits. Did I mention they are in it for the money? And don't get me started on the drug companies who spend more money on advertising than R&D. I used the remote when yet another ad for Prilosec appeared. Although it might help the indigestion one gets from being exposed to this craven corporate mindset.

I have recently finished a regime of Oxiplatin with Leucovoran and oral Xeloda. Fotunately the anticipated nausea never came because the treatment cost almost $900.00 (that's $30.00 per pill) and Blue Cross refused to pay. I could have fought them but it was not necessary.

I do have pretty good ins and reading about the struggles that some members of this group have getting coverage makes me feel lucky. If you can call having cancer lucky. Also I live just minutes away from Duke University Hospital and their Comprehensive Cancer Centre. They really kick butt over there. In fact my latest scans/labs were clear and they are easing up on the tests. That means instead of every three months I gargle with redicat every four months.

Me: So can I start the five year countdown?
Onc: Well, I don't want to rain on your parade but...in your case it would be seven years.

I feel like Yossarian in Catch 22. They keep upping the number of missions he must fly before completing his tour of duty.

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Well said! I am fortunate in that, being military, I am part of a socialized medicine regime. Sometimes it's a good thing, sometimes it's a bad thing - sort of depends on your geography (I veeeeery lucky, I am at Bethesda. The doctor who does my colonoscopies also does the President's, the Veep's and most of Congress'. Guess that makes me in the company of some pretty famous @$$holes!)

I guess it's easy for legislators to pass bills reducing healthcare benefits, when all of theirs are taken care of by the taxpayers (as if they don't have enough of their own money to pay for their healthcare).

Hmmm... I sure hope my boss doesn't read my seditious remarks! Aw the heck with it, I've got 23 years, I'm retirement-eligible!

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If I were to do the "normal" route of cancer treatment I would not be $30,000+ in debt but it was the choice I made to heal with alternatives. So my piss and moan session is that insurance does not recognize healing modalities that the pharmacuetical mafia does not control.

On the other hand, I have no complaints with the coverage we do get......$35,000 surgery and I pay $10.00 co-pay. I praise God for that!

Until folks do a full-bore rebellion against the drug cartel...I mean companies and quit taking what they dish out then nothing will change!

Just my $00 .02

peace, emily the debt ridden drug free radical calling all troops.....

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sign me up emily

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