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I wanted to thank Spongebob, Stacey, Lisa Rose, Emily and EFW. As you all know, advice and support is everything when you are going through a tough time. I have been pouring over the research on colorectal cancer for the last five days. I am making some calls, setting up a PET scan, getting in touch with doctors for second opinions, etc. It's exhausting but at least I'm doing SOMETHING as opposed to waiting for the lesions to grow. I am feeling overwhelmed that I have been left to make all these life and death decisions and that there is no medical professional that I can trust. Also, I am nervous and hesitant about investing all my time searching for treatment (which is what I am doing now), that could possibly not amount to anything. What if I regret not spending the time out there and living? Any suggestions???


  • Lisa Rose
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    Hi Andreae,

    I am so glad to hear that you are seeking further help . Don't ever think for one moment that any of this research is a waste of time . Knowledge Is Powerful!!! You are going to fight this with everything you have , remember you have only been treated with first line therapy . I am sure your new oncologist with start treating you as a metastatic colorectal cancer . So you have to remain positive and like the old saying goes , It's not over till the fat lady starts singing and I don't hear any music!!!!

    Where in Canada do you live ? I am in Moncton , NB. Please feel free to to contact me....

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    Ahoy, andreae -

    It's a balancing act... but no doubt you are living as you do your research. Hang tough there and leave time to smell the roses, too. You are taking charge and that's the right thing to do. Remember this, Andrea, your doctors are your consultants. They work for you. Their job is to give you advice - not tell you what to do. Their job is to give you treatment options - not tell you how you will be treated. Their job is to work for you - not the other way around (otherwise, they'd be paying YOU!). Go get 'em!

    Best regards

    - SpongeBob
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    Hi Andreae,

    I know doing all the reading and setting up appointments for second opinions can seem overwhelming, but it gets easier with time. You have everything to gain to do everything possible to give yourself the very best chance to lick this thing.

    Even though you really do need to keep up with information yourself, here is hoping that you find a doctor in whom you can have confidence. That really helps.

    Best Wishes,

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    Dear Andreae,

    Yes, it IS hard work. It can be frustratingly difficult because there is so much to choose from that your head spins. In alternative circles "they" are continually contradicting eachother as to the most successful treatment. Some promote raw foods only, then there is macrobiotics which are cooked and steamed foods (mostly veggie/grains), then there are juicing advocates, those who swear by Rife Machines, then there's the parasite cleanse promoters....and the list goes on.

    SO! What i did was take a little bit from them all. I juiced, I detoxed, I cleaned out my worms, I did coffee enemas, I ate brown rice and veggies, I poured flax oil on everything and put in my bluberry smoothies, I gobbled up hundreds of dollars of supplements, I went for acupuncture treatments, massages, lymphatic drainages, counseling, name it I have probably tried it. Oh yeah, I have done the Rife machine now too!!

    And after two years I am still alive and kicking! WooHoo! :-)

    And has it been HARD WORK!! This on top of having a farm ministry and raising 5 kids, homeschooling a few of them!

    Do I resent the work? Yeah, at times. Do I regret the time I have invested to get here? NO! But in the past two years I made sure that I got my head outta the book or my eyes off the computer screen and went for a walk....long walks in the country to refresh and renew my spirit. Those were my prayer times as well.

    I hope in the midst of all your research and appointments you will find time to minister to your spirit as well.

    It is a journey and may you find your path.

    peace, emily