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bone metastases/149 PSA 1.5 years after HDR

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I just got the bad news. After a PSA rise to 14 four months ago and a clean bone scan, a new scan shows mestastases in 5 possible locations -- but am asymptomatic. The doc put me on Lupron/Casodex immediately. I'm 50 years old and extremely active. Can anyone fill me in on what the progression is from here? What's the worst and best case scenario?

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Hi. Sorry for the news - glad you're asymptomatic now. I've heard that any lower back pain and you should immediately have an MRI. We've recently learned that my dad's has spread to his spine and he was misdiagnosed for about a year with back/side pain...apparently if it had been caught when the pain first started, before he started having problems walking (meaning he had spinal compression) he would be having a much easier time of it - as it is now he's having to have extensive physical and occupational therapy. So if you have back pain - tell the doc you want an MRI and don't take no for an answer!

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Please join the group http://www.acor.org/prostate.html
its a great group for prostrate cancer patients and thier families. My dad has prostrate cancer
with metastasis.. I read up the informative messages exchanged in this group regularly and
find them very useful. A couple of great doctors are also part of the panel

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Thanks I'll do that. The docs themselves seem to have no real time to tell us information and I'm hunting for stuff all over. How is your dad now? Are they finding ways to help him?

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We are in a similar situation. My husband had seed implants, and external beam radiation almost 3 years ago. Psa's went down to 1.5, then last spring started rising, first 2.3, then 6.8, our doctors said it could be the bounce and to wait 3 more months for another psa. Well the dec (3 months later) test was 28. He has several bone mets and small spots on his liver and lung.
He is starting hormone therapy and in two weeks will start chemo for 3 months. After that immunology (treatment to support the immune system). Chemo has really improved in the last 2 years for prostate cancer. Do you need more infomation on treatment options. Make sure you check out this site, www.hormonerefractorypca.org/myers425.htm. I know you are probably not hormone refractory, but here is a great article about all of the options in treating all stages of prostate cancer. There is some info there you need. This is the doctor my husband is going to. My husband starts Lupron tomorrow, started casodex a few days ago. My husband has no symptoms either, he's 51 years old. For both of you, lets pray for success and few side effects.

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