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roller coaster

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My 65 year old mother was diagnosed with MM in October '02. In 12/02 she was told that it wasn't MM. Now she just got told that it is MM. I feel like I am on a roller coaster.

Can anyone tell me what to expect, and what treatments are available?


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Hi SU,
I am 32 years old and was diagnosed with MM 12/02. The treatment that I am receiving is chemotherapy and I am currently taking shots to build my stem cells for bone marrow transplant. I'm not sure what your mom's doctors have told her about what is available but I do know several people who have had successful transplants and are doing well at the moment. The biggest thing that I have learned is to "TAKE CONTROL YOURSELF" as some of the times things may get missed and information between doctors may not be what you understood at your last appointments. As hard as it is, ask lots of questions. I sometimes feel like a broken record asking "ok, so this is what you are saying to me" but I have saved myself alot of time by doing just that. My doctor told me from the start... the only dumb question is the one you dont ask.......... I hope everything goes well for you and your mom! Take Care!

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I was 38 yrs old when I got my Dx of MM. I am now 41 yrs old and have just undergone my second Bone Marrow Transplant. My first Transplant we used my own stem cells and that didn't do much. So one year later we decided to go with a donor transplant. My donor was my youngest sister with 100% match. If you decide to go with a donor transplant just be sure to get a 100% match. Others have shared that they tried a transplant without being a complete match and things did not go well for them.
As for me, Im 2/3rds of the way through my first 100 days after transplant and doing great. Just expect to have good days and bad days. When the bad days come, take your meds and just stay in bed and watch a movie or something. Dont try to do to much. The Chemo will wipe you out and it takes a while to rebuild your immune system. My doc told me it can take 1-2 years before my immune system is fully grafted. Having mm at 41 years old is not piece of cake, but Im one of the lucky ones. Have not had too many side effects from treatment. Others I've spoken too have really suffered and with you Mom being older she will be going through a great deal. I hope that she will have lots of support beside you as it will take its toll on both of you. Get as many people involved as possible, friends, family, Church members and any others who may want to help. LET THEM HELP! Even if its just come sit with her for an hour so her regular caregiver can have a breather. Most importantly, put it all into the hands of God because He will be her strength. If she tries to endure the treatment on her own without the help from the all mighty then its going to be a rough road.
What stage is she? Im at stage 3
Does she have any bone fractures?
Does she vomit alot from being anemic?
Does she get tired really easy?
All signs to look for. Of course have her blood levels checked. My IgG level was through the roof! I think normal count is something like 1650 on the high normal level and mine was in the 6000 range! Whew! But the chemo brought that down.
If she starts chemo be prepared for chemo brain! Its like a Fog that she will walk around in. She will be there, but not really there! Be understanding of this. She may cry easily too. The drugs may cause other side effects too.
I will pray for your Mom and for you and hope that all goes well in what ever you decide to do as far as treatment.
God Bless, Becca

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