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Diagnosed yesterday

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Hi, I'm 24 years old and was diagnosed with HD yesterday. My staging isn't complete. I'm having a PET scan and CT scan next week to determine exactly what stage. My doctor has mentioned the Stanford V or ABVD treatment. I would love any thoughts or insights you have about either treatment. Thanks, Ilaina

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Wow, that's such a shocker. I couldn't imagine being diagnosed now that it's been such a long time since I went through treatment. I had the alternating treatment of MOPP and ABVD. Out of the two ABVD was the roughest at the time that it was administered. But it only lasted the day of treatment and the next day. But it really depends on how often you receive the treatments.I've never heard of the Stanford V so I couldn't help ya there. If you want to ask me more questions feel free. Let me know what stage they conclude that you have. I'm three years younger than you and I was diagnosed about 9 years ago. Talk to you later!! just keem Smiling!!!

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I don't know anything about Stanford treatments. I was diagnosed with Hodgkins 2B nodular schlerosis. It first appeared as a lump above my collarbone. I had a large mass in my mediastynum. I had 16 ABVD treatments and 5 weeks of daily radiation. I managed to work through my treatments although toward the end of the chemo that got hard. ABVD is a pretty agressive chemo from my understanding. They reduced the tumors as much as possible and then the radiation was for clean up. Good luck with the rest of your testing.

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Hi Ilaina,
My name is Michael and I believe I left a reply on one of your other messages. Anyway, I am a leukemia survivor (ALL). I was treated at UC San Francisco Comprehensive Cancer Center. I was diagnosed at 21 and now I am 29 years old and have been in remission for about 7 years. I just want to say that there are many medicines that can counteract the symptoms of treatment. There are many pain medicines available and dont be afraid to use them. You wont become addicted. Also, there are a lot of nausea and vomiting medicines to make you feel better. But sometimes you have to be aggressive and demand these things. And remember, only you know how you feel, so dont be afraid to ask for these meds to help you. If you have questions:
my email: leu_lym@yahoo.com
my comprehensive leukemia and lymphoma website:

Good luck and God bless

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Hi, I'm 23 and was diagnosed last August with HD Stage 2A. Since then I've completed 6 cycles (12 rounds) of ABVD and 18 treatments of radiation. I'd love to hear back from you to see how you are doing and answer any questions you might have. I remember all to well what you must be going through right now-you've come to a great website if you need support. Take care of yourself

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I just finished 12 treatments of ABVD and 5 weeks of radiation for HD stage IIIb. I'm 39 years old. During the whole treatment I continued to work part time. The day of treatment and the day after I would have to skip work. I started having hydration and Anzemet(for nausea) IV the day after treatment and I found this helped me feel better. It took longer as the treatments went on to recover after each one. I also had shots of Nuelasta to keep my WBC up and was told I was a success story for this drug because it worked very well for me and kept my WBC up. Best of luck to you!

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I am 25 diagnosed in March 2003 stage 2A nodular sclerosing HD. I am undergoing ABVD treatments right now. I have completed 7 treatments and have 5 more to go. I am just now feeling more tired, but other than that I haven't had many side effects. I can't wait to be done. I haven't heard much about Stanford 5. I remember my oncologist saying that was the only other standard treatment for HD. Best of luck to you. Your whirlwind will slow down, the most emotional part of everything for me was right at the beginning. Let me know if you have any questions.

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