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Chemo - Bladder Cancer

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I had a Radical Cystectomy and ileal conduit performed on March 5. 2003. They did find traces of cancer in 2 out of 12 lymph nodes they took from that area. I have just had my first session of Chemo Tuesday and Wednesday of this week. Tues., I had Gemzar and Wed., I had cysplatin. I think this is more common for lung cancer, but because I have some heart issues, there was another set of medicines my oncologist did not want to use for chemo, because it could adversely effect the heart. Is there anyone out there who had had this combination of drugs? Also, today, Thursday, I feel relatively normal, no side effects yet, although I was told by the nurse you can have reactions a couple of days later. I am just pleasantly surprised, because I was prepared for worse. Has anyone gone thru treatments without reactions? I do have four months to go, so who knows what will happen in the following weeks. I am just curious about other peoples experiences with chemo. Thanks.


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hi ro,

yes i went through the same thing about a year and a half ago. i did the chemo as a safe guard. the chemo didn't affect me until 2 days later and then i was really sick. it took a combination of 2-3 different meds to calm my stomach down. what really help towards the end of the chemo treatments, was an extra dose of the saline solution after the second dose of chemo. it would knock me out stamina wise for about two weeks and then finally when i was feeling good again, it was time for another treatment. all is well now and i'm finally feeling my old self again. i did lose hair, but not all of it. just got really thin. everything has come back now and i have thick and curler hair, which i never had before. hope this helps.

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Just read you message. How are you doing now? I have transitional cell carsonoma. 16 surgeries and two chemo's in the last 5 years. Currently cancer free for 10 months. I go to the Mayo Clinic.
Hope to hear from you.

Jo Dell

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Jo Dell, wow 16 surgeries, that's the most surgeries I have ever heard of! Were these all bladder surgeries? What kinds?

I'm a newbie to all this here in Rochester, NY. I had surgery in April and just completed my BCG treatments a few weeks ago with no side effects-- well just a grumpy bladder/bottom of some sort. I have early stage Ta bladder cancer, but Grade 3. My question, of course, is what is in store for me in the future. 16 surgeries is pretty onerous.

John T.

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Hello Jo Dell,
Has all your cancer treatment been at the Mayo Clinic or did you seek treatment there as the cancer progessed? My husband has just had his first surgery (TUR) and removal of a Ta grade 1 TCC and the doctor is advising no follow up is needed with BCG or other procedure, just to come back in 3 mos for a cystoscopy. We are getting a second opinion. We are trying to decide if we should go to a cancer institue now or just get another opinion from another urologist. What are your thoughts on this? Glad you have been cancer free for almost a year! Seems from everything I've researched this type of cancer has a bad habit of returning. Thank you, Donna

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Just found your reply. No, I had my first surgery in Minneapolis,then I saw a Dr. in North Carolina. The rest have been at the Mayo Clinic. I have had my right kidney and ureter removed first. Then a lot of bladder cancer growths. I want to the Mayo then. They removed my bladder. Then the cancer went to my left lung. They removed the tumor and gave me chemo. The cancer returned to my left ureter. They cut that one out and re-attached me. Now I have some sort of kidney blockage. Biopsys came back negative. I have a tube from my ostomy to my kidney and a tube into my left hip to my kidney for drainage. Will have more tests next month.

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hey ro - my dad is going through this exact same treatment regimen. He does 3 days the first week and only 1 day the next two, then none the fourth week. (that makes a round) For some reason he hasnt been able to take the third week each time so the dr gives him shots each day to build back his blood so then it's ok when the next round starts. This is his third month (round) and he couldnt take the second week this time. Also, the dr cut back his 6 round therepy to 4 round therepy, so he only has one more to do. He is a heart patient also and he is a diabetic. He's been takeing folic acid and vitamin b-6 and b-12 everyday and he hasnt lost his hair.(advice from my uncle and it works). You can e-mail him and he or mom can e-mail to you and tell you more specifics. FLINTSTONEFLYER @aol.com
He takes a special pill to prevent the sickness - it's expensive $100 each pill, but the dr gives him samples and they REALLY work!

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