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erectial dysfunction

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Has anyone had any experience with the Boston Medical Group. I saw an add which states they can help anyone. I am 6 years post op and 1 year after reoccurance and radiation treatment. I had a little erection after surgery, but the radiation has taken that away. This group claims to have a 98% success rate. They use penial ultrasound and nerve test to diagnos the problem. But I couldn't find out the treatment. I have tried all the usual, pump, viagra..... Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Have no information regarding this. Possibly the ACS could help?

I am hearing more and more people that have had surgery are now coming forward with erection problems in spite of the surgeons "nerve sparing procedures" which leads me to ask if there is any data on surgery verse some degree of "normal" function verse other procedures?

If I run across any data on either subject I will of course pass it on to you.

Good luck

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I just found Boston Medical Group on the internet under Boston Medical Group. They claim to be able to help anyone with ED and with medications that are better than viagra. Some successes supposedly within less that day!!! Sound almost like some of the garbage you get via email on the net! I can understand your frustration. Had my RP with 50% nerver sparring in mid August and have had to rely on the pump ever since. Viagra may be starting to work, but too soon to say. I would be very interested to hear if you do contact this group in Boston and what they say.

Best of luck and I hope some good comes out of all of this.

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I have tried different directions. I tried viagra about 60%. Being single is hell while trying. The Dr. has told me after 2 yrs. Do not hurt myself. The best thing is to have someone assist. I need help with this. I have no clue. I am still sharp as ever but it just not work like it use to or antwhere close. It is hell.

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