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A nursing student needing some help from families and people with lung cancer.

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I am nursing student getting ready to do my Capstone (graduation) project. I am going to teach 2 7th grade health classes about the dangers associated with smoking and tobacco. I am looking for people to tell me their story. I would like to hear from anyone and everyone who has a story or advice to share with these young teenagers. If you have a message or a story to tell about your experience with lung cancer, then please reply. Thank you.

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Hi, Im a 10 year Survivor of Lung Cancer. My story is way to long to type on this thing, but you are more then welcome to call me an I would be glad to fill you in. Bob Z (561)965-2033 mornings are best.

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As far as I can recall I was told by a couple of doctors that I had a touch of Emphysema and yes I was a smoker. Infact one doctor in Colorado asked me what I smoked. I showed him a pack of nonfiltered camels. he pulled out a pack of filtered cigs :saying I should smoke a filtered cig if I was to keep smoking. Smoking to me I enjoyed I guess as some people like to chew gum I don't. I could stop smoking anytime I had the erge to & would for 30 days or so then back to smoking. I think today as I think about it,it was more less because, of the groups I was with smoked & it was the thing to do. I had a pain in my right shoulder & chest one day & thought it was due to my auto transporting of chaining down cars & the socket in my shoulder was getting wore out but after going to a clinic & a week later being asked what hosp would I like to go to for a check up on my chest. chest I asked. yes,I was told for he didn't like the spot he saw. I went into a hosp that was part cancer center to have a neddele stuck into my right lung & checked out but, the neddele collapsed right lung. one thing on top of another & after 10 days on a life support I was then told that I had 3rd stage lung cancer in my upper right lung & inoperable Plus two cancerious limp noids in the center of my chest. I was given 6 months to live. I was at wits end I didn't know what to say,I felt betrayed I was even mad at God. I was mad at everyone & everything and even throwen out of my home hospis people. Do I smoke today? No! do I miss it? yes & no. I haven't had a smoke in two years & a month but, in that time out of a clear blue sky I wanted a smoke so bad. I even watched some t.v. shows & some one would lite up a smoke in the picture & I all of a sudden wanted to have a smoke so bad. I sit in the smokeing sections of resturants yet don't want a smoke. I think it helps me to stay away from them yet, my wife is still smokeing. It dosn't bother me the smoke part I am talking about but, I wounder all I went through why she hasn't stoped. Oh she has tried maney things on the market to stop & can't. It is hard I think one has to have a very strong will to stop. I have gone through chemo & 37 shots of radiation yet seen people at a cancer center haveing a smoke before there treatments. It's like a must have to some. All this has showed me is that the cigarettes have ingredients that are as bad as some drugs yet even my two years 1 month in remission if I was told that it came back & this was the very end I do think I would go get a pack of camels again. ken b

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Hi Melinda, my very best to you;
Sounds like an excellent project and you can certainly have my story; it's titled "Marlboro miles and Lung Cancer" and it's in the Gallery section or off my web pg. Or E-mail me at rmccu37700@aol.com and I'll send you the updated version.
God Bless & be well
Bobmc-NSCLC-stage IIB- left pneumonectomy 5/2/01
" absolutely insist on enjoying life today"

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I am also a smoker that deveolped lung cancer, I have been told that I am lucky, since mine was caught early. I had stage 1 non small cell lung cancer. It had not traveled to the lymph nodes. My cancer was deteched from a follow up xray after my second bout of pneumonia in 6 months. That was in January of 2002. On March 1st 2002 I had my upper lobe of my left lung removed. Good thing I had great health insurance, since my medical bills from all the tests, doctor and surgery ended up over $55,000.00. I was out of work for 7 weeks. Since I was in sales and the spring was the best time to sell our product, I lost lots of potential sales because of my absence. In October I was laid off because of lack of work and low sales volume, (I was the top sales person the year before). I am 50 years old, a lung cancer survior and good luck finding employment with that history. I did quit smoking and I too do crave cigarettes at different times. From what I understand, even after 20 years of not smoking people still crave them. I also sit in smoking sections when I go out to eat, for some reason it does help. What a horrible habit, and not one easy to break. Cancer does change your life!!! Good luck in getting across the message not to ever start smoking. I have also heard it is easier to quit using heroin than cigarettes.
Good luck with your project.


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Hi, Nancy,

After reading your post I just wanted to respond to a couple of things, in particular, I wouldn't say too many people still crave cigarettes after 20 years of not smoking. In 20 years, most people have developed tastes and interests that supplant the smoking urge, or they come to the realization that they are finally breathing better, smelling better (in both senses!), and tasting food much more intensely than they have in years. I think what many people feel is nostalgia for cigarettes, not anything like real cravings the way you get in the first couple of weeks after quitting. I don't miss it at all, 5 years down the road :)

I also want to dispel the myth that its easier to quit using heroin than cigarettes. That is simply not true, take it from one who knows heroin users and cigarette smokers and cigarette-smoking heroin users :) A person going cold turkey suffers extreme nausea, vomiting, uncontrollable diarrhea, bone and muscle pain worse than any flu. Then there's the depression and anxiety and intense craving for the drug, the conviction that they need the drug in order to live...

Believe me, it's a lot easier to quit smoking! It is hard, yes, but it's nowhere near as hard as quitting heroin; that's just a myth.

(Edit - wow, thats a really old post I answered, I just realized that :D)

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I wasn't gonna say anything :).

Take care,


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