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What cancer patients, their families, and caregivers need to know about COVID-19.


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Is iressa the drug that many people mention as far as experimental? Is it covered by insurance? Thanks for any info. My husband is in stage 4 lung cancer.

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Hi Peg,You'll find my messages and replies just below you ,posted as scared.I go in for tests the 18th of this month,I'm flying to fla.It seems like I have heard of the drug Iressa,I'm not sure I've read so much since they found the mass on my lung I fall asleep at the computer sometimes.I found a tea that I'm going to make I'll try anything within reason,I'm jucing twice aday and talking to as many people as I can,sometimes I think that gives me the most strength.all my love and prayers are with you,your husband and your children.Tbone

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Thank you Tbone. My emotions are so fragile now I cry very easily. I have been on the computer non-stop as well. I wish you the best in Florida and hope to hear good things very soon from you. What tea are you referring to and what is the purpose of the tea? God bless you, Peg

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