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new member and please help

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Hi, my 55-yo husband was recently diagnosed with stage iv adenocarcinoma, metastasized to liver and very extensive throughout abdomen. Was offered surgery, with little idea of whether it could be done, and opted for aggressive chemo (5-FU, cisplatin, epirubicin). We expect the chemo to shrink the tumors so that we can consider stomach resection as additional treatment. We'd really appreciate input from any patients on chemo experience and surgery experience. He is in excellent health otherwise, a tennis player. Would like to hear advice especially on surgery and recovery.
Regards, Kathy Ito

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hi, it is fantasticly good news that he is physically fit, when i was diagnosed it made me do even more gym work so that after surgery it would help me in the best recovery i could make. i am now talking about my surgery 5 years later.please, please, please dont give up, you sound as if you are as good as my family for support and that was the strongest medicine i was given

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Hearing that you survived your surgery and stomach cancer is so needed by my family and I at this time. I am very happy for you. My mother was diagnosed with stomach cancer 2 months ago. Had 2/3 of her stomach removed and now is awaiting chemo and radiation. I wonder if you have any helpful advise for us on how to help her. She had the surgery above 5 weeks ago and she still complains of severe nautia. She even heaves but has not vomitted. She feels this way most days and does not eat as a result. On the few days that she feels good she eats and drinks, small portions, but she does eat. Her surgeon believes that it is all in her head and is the result of anxiety. She has no obstructions or anything physiologically wrong aside from the cancer and swollen lymph nodes. She takes medication for pain and nautia but she claims the nautia medication makes her nautious. She also did not want to know anything about her future treatment until this last week and even that was sort of forced on her because the doctors told her they were concerned about giving her chemo when she wasn't eating. I want to think it is not anxiety because I don't want to belittle her discomfort, on the other hand, any anxiety she has is very real. In addition, treating her for anxiety when it is not the cause of her discomfort serves no purpose.
Do you have any helpful tips or advise? Did you go through this also? We are desparate to make her more comfortable and more healthy for the chemo.
Any adivise would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you for your time- you truly are an inspiration to my family and I.

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Am new to the sight - your posting was months ago, but am wondering how your mother is doing and how her chemo is going. I found it interesting that your mother had lots of nausea and heaving, but not much vomiting. I wouldn't be so quick to chalk it up to anxiety (though who wouldn't be anxious in the middle of all shes going through). I just finished chemo and radiation following surgery for stomach cancer as well. I have had a lot of nausea and heaving - some vomiting. Fortunately I had a Dr. who was sympathetic and helpful. It is only now getting better - two months after finishing the radiation. The surgery, chemo and radiation really does a whamo job on the digestive track - it takes time to heal. The good news is, things do get better. I lost 40 pounds during the process, but am eating well now. There is light at the end of the tunnel. My best to you all.

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