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New to Melanoma

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Joined: Oct 2002

Hi all,

Just learned 4 days ago that I have Melanoma.
No idea what is coming in the future.
I was diagnose with Breslow Measurement of .50 MM, Clark's level II and no ulceration. No idea what stage I am at. I am scheduled next week for incision and Sentinel Lymph Node mapping.

What is the change of metatasis given these finding? What is my prognosis, i.e. what are my chances for survival?

Thanks in advanced for your reply...

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I'm sorry you have to go through all this. I was diagnosed initially 4 years ago with a small melanoma on the side of my knee. A wide excision was done with clean margins, indicating that it had been completely excised and there was very little chance of recurrence. About 9 months later, one of my lymph nodes became enlarged. I underwent sentinel node biopsy and it was malignant melanoma. Within days, I underwent a radical lymph node dissection with findings of one more positive lymph node out of 8 removed. I still ask the same question as you....what are my chances for survival. I was not painted a very pretty picture, but I also had complications and was unable to take the Interferon therapy due to impending liver failure, not a typical reaction. I know it isn't easy, but try and maintain a positive attitude. There are days I can do that, but there are times it is so difficult. Talk to your family and friends or even a counselor...or if you aren't comfortable doing that, talk to me. If I can help you in any way, I will. Please keep me informed on the results of your sentinel node biopsy. God be with you.

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Joined: Oct 2002

Hi "inkognita",

First, thank you for your reply. It really helps to read other stories and to learn from them, and more important, that there are people like yourself in this world. I am sorry to hear that "IT" returned and you still have to cope with it.

You might be glad to hear that I finaly got the results from my biopsy: IT IS NOT A MELANOMA, thank god, but a Dysplastic Nevus (pre-cancerus stage). I was mistakenly diagnosed with melanoma. This is not to say I am clean, I am still at a high risk and in fact, It might started at a different location... Need to be checked once a month.

Even if the doc will find me "clean", I will still visit you in this place, to inquire for your health and will keep you posted...

May god be with ALL OF US, because life is beatiful.


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