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Recovery Worries

gfed Member Posts: 3
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I was diagnosed with kidney cancer in March of this year. I was in stage T2. On May 7 they removed two thirds of my left kidney. Things were progressing nicely (I thought) until mid June when I began to experience swelling along the incision. Now, it is continuously swollen, adding about six inches to my waist line (I say that to illustrate how much). There is no pain only a small amount of discomfort and worry that something is wrong. I have consulted with my surgeon who assured me nothing was wrong. He moved his practice recently so I had to find another doctor who said th same thing after ordering a CT scan. Is this a "normal" thing? Or should I be concerned and seek out another doctor? I do hope someone can help. You may email me at [email protected] Thank you


  • gfed
    gfed Member Posts: 3
    First I want to thank the single individual who responded to my query. It was most
    appreciated. I guess I have nothing to worry about. In any case I will do my worrying someplace else and leave room here for those who are really sick. Good luck to you all. May your furture hold nothing but clear readings and scans. Take care.Bye
  • waipahu64
    waipahu64 Member Posts: 3
    Should't be worried cause that causes all kinds of ailments. If your CT does not show anything, than it should be a normal thing to get swollen. Maybe your diet does effect some growth in the mid-section. I had my right kidney and part of my right colon removed because of cancer. I do have a mid buldge on all sides because of my wrong type of diet. But I do exercise with weights and do lots of walking. I do play golf and other sports because I am a cancer survivor and I am cancer free now and enjoying life.